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    Yann Ropars
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    Moon, Sun, Crash

    It was a full moon today - for some strange reason, the only 4:50 club rider was myself and my 'trusty' bike - I rushed up the mountain as I was trying to catch the moon over Longs Peak. All was going well and I was feeling strong between the 'out of breath moments'.

    The downhill went fine till almost the end where after a triple stair case, I was thrown over the handle bars as my rear derailleur caught the rear wheel ... the rest is history - the pile of rocks I landed on shredded my skin and sent me deep into a "stupid Frenchman" moment.

    I managed to get up thinking "okay, can I count my broken bones?" - Freaking out and by myself, I untangled my front end that had made a few turns around the axle... and started to walk down. Thinking sh.... I'd better walk fast before I lose consciousness... [like deja vu really].

    Two minutes later a couple of women came hiking up the trail..thank god, someone is here... 6:00 am - "are you okay?" asks Betsy [thank you so much Betsy]
    Yann: "hmm, I don't think so...." as I sit down - the mind does strange things when another 'door' opens up to new opportunities.

    Betsy and her friend [sorry, hard to remember names] called 911, and they carried my bike 300 yards further as I walked with them. Firemen, ambulance are there 15mn later.... I see stars the whole way down - the full moon and sunrise was not enough... obviously.

    The ambulance takes me to the Medical Center of Rockies - trauma unit - Each time the ambulance passes over the railways, I think: "does this guy know I'm hurting like hell?" - my back is killing me - I'm sitting upright strapped to a back splint as I couldn't bear to lay on my back.

    The Hospital: What's you name, what's your age, what's your religion preference...? What? I won't go into details. The level of performance in that ER was varied. I just wonder why the care is so disjointed. Why does every individual just do his/her task without seeking information prior talking to me??? The experience was a 4 out of a 10. Everyones care about their work, for sure, but the last thing they care about is what I care about, my pain -- I'm cold and in major pain. The first doctor doesn't know what a rear derailleur is, I ask the second one to explain it to her.... the CAT scan people bring me back to my room and forget to bring me to the x-ray unit for my ribs so I am trundled out again...... everyone is saying "you're doing great" - but everyone forgets to put back the blankets on me... I'm cold and anxious....I'm not doing great. But who am I to argue with them?

    All the x-rays come back... good news! nothing is broken... hmm, are you sure? I feel like I am 108 years old right now... Kirsti and the kids arrive - Theo (3) asks " dadda, do you want a band-aid"?.... 'yeah I'll take a few...'

    Now feeling pretty wrecked and the spasms are very hard to deal with but I can move, breathe and digest the trauma - Wine has tasted great tonite - life is a beautiful thing, I love my friends, mountain biking and especially my family - it all makes sense again. I'm doing much better now after a few glasses of wine and some ibuprofen.....Thank you.

    My friend Steve Outing had [again] a great blog today - Hyper-local news - Twitter carried my crash event story far away - Thanks for your thoughts Steve. You seriously rock. Social Media is becoming more relevant about news every day - you're a force of change. But then we've always known that, right?


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    Now with 10% more!
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    Quote Originally Posted by quasimotogold
    life is a beautiful thing, I love my friends, mountain biking and especially my family - it all makes sense again.
    Cool that you would say that after a rough day out. Hope you get feeling better quick.

    Oh and your first pic there of the moon is really cool too.

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    Wow, that sounds like a bad day with a good ending to me (in a way). Glad to hear you made it home with no broken bones. Hopefully they wont call you back tomorrow like they did me this winter and say 'oh yeah uh the orthopedic surgeon took a look at your x-rays and it turns out you do have an impact fracture on T7 '.

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