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    Maxxis Ignitor UST Problems

    We sell loads of the non UST version of the Maxxis Ignitor here. Today, we had a gentleman come in who has had 4 Maxxis Ignitor UST tires get "blisters" in the center of the tire, rendering them "scary to ride".

    He isn't using any sealant at all. And he is pumping up the tires to 30psi.

    Anyone have thoughts as to the cause or have you seen this problem before?
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    I've had 4 Ignitors do the same thing; as well as a High Roller. All UST, but I did use sealant, Slime Tubeless.

    While very unsightly, and a rough ride when they suddenly pop up, especially on the High Roller where I've had bubbles the size on an egg, a pin prick bleeds off the air . After that, the tire seems fine until the next wart pops up.

    At one point, my latest Ignitor had a huge bubble surrounding every center line knob. I could take it out for a pavement ride of a few miles and it sounded like popcorn as all the bubbles would rupture.

    I don't know what's going on with the Maxxis tires, but I'm about ready to switch.

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    Maxxis seems willing to warranty blistering tires: L@@K - Maxxis Ignitor blistered with only 220 miles - pics attached

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    Ive had a few blisters with my Ignitors too. Like OBDave said, a pin poke (I run Stan's) and problem solved.
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    As much as I like the ignitors, I have had nearly all of them form blister, sometimes even multiple. Maxxis has been kind enought to place all of them, but the problem continues. Its become a headache I wont bother with them any longer

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    Anyone have this problem with Ikons?
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    I am going to call this the zombie thread. It had been dead for over 3 years and now it has risen and is alive!! Just in time for Halloween.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishpitbull View Post
    Anyone have this problem with Ikons?
    Yes I blistered an ICON. It went in the dumpster rather than back to Maxxis, but the next blisters I get I'll let them warranty. This tire already had a shoe goo fix to a sidewall.

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    I got a ton of blisters on Maxxis

    I got a ton of blisters on Maxxis tires, I gave them a call, they told me it happens. No warranty. I don't ride Maxxis anymore.

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