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    Marzocchi Upgrade/trade-in

    I gave a call to Marz to check availability and price out some black stanchions for my 888, Mathew (1 "T") Brown gave me a heads up they have a trade-in program...any Marz fork for 35% off MSRP their 2014 forks. Below are a couple of messages where I asked for some details...

    Just FYI, you can use your fork as a trade-in and upgrade to a new for a discount of 35% off MSRP. Just throwing that option out there for you.


    Mat Brown

    For the 380 C2R2, with a trade-in, your price would be $1202.00 (MSRP $1850).

    888 RC3 EVO V2 - $650 w/trade-in (MSRP $1000)

    888 CR - $520 w/trade-in (MSRP $800)

    And, does my 888 need to be a fully functional fork? I have an Avy cartridge in my Franken-year fork, and the original RC3 cartridge is...???...I can't tell you where.

    You can keep your cartridge.

    I'm also sitting on an '07 R2CX 888, 35mm. Can I send it in instead of my 38mm Franken-year fork, or is it too old?

    You can send in any Marzocchi fork for the trade-in.

    Mat Brown
    Tenneco Marzocchi USA | Sales Account Manager

    Last question I haven't received an answer on yet is if this applies to their rear shock. Will update when he answers.
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    I've got a Marzocchi Corsa fork that's been driven into the garage. $20 and it's yours to send in for trade-in.

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    Marz for Marz; fork and rear shock.

    MK, thanks, but I'm good.
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    I have an old Roco with a broken rebound knob. If anyone wants to use that as their 35% off MSRP coupon for another rear shock.
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    I wonder if they'd take just the old 888 lower w/ bad bushings that's in my garage.
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    Just recently visited Marzocchi Canada with my 2011 evo ti and I was offered the trade in program. I'd have to put my clapped out rc3 cartridge back in and find a cheap steel spring since I want to keep the firm ti. Really tempting. I'm sure I'll find a way to justify the upgrade to myself sooner or later.

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