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    Local Shop with Dropper posts in stock?

    Looking to buy either a Reverb or KS lev. I would rather buy from a local bike shop but cant find anyone who stocks them. Anyone know?

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    Sports Garage in Boulder had Reverbs in stock when I got mine last year.

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    I know Big Kahuna in Littleton has Levs in stock.

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    Peloton in Ft Collins has them. I looked at them but man are they pricey!

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    Any shop can order them and get them within the week. Don't let that deter you. Go to your favorite, and they'll appreciate that you like them enough to special order something.

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    We do the Reverbs and Lev. Try to stock both sizes at all times. We also sell the Giant one, which at $250 is great deal. It's only 4" travel. And has proven to be quite reliable.

    And at our Hill store we have a HiteRite in it's original package. Not for sale of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaj View Post
    And at our Hill store we have a HiteRite in it's original package. Not for sale of course.
    I had a HiteRite back in the day. What diameters were seatposts back then? Or is it adjustable?
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    You guys suck im all bummed now

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    Wheat Ridge has plenty.
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    I've got a buddy selling a 4" 31.6 Reverb for $150...he wants to go to a 5" one.
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