I rode over to Winter Park from Boulder on Saturday. Several people were interested in the conditions of these trails, so here goes.

I rode up through Eldora Ski area to the Jenny Creek trail. I had forgotten how rocky and bumpy this trail is (I ride a hardtail). The trail is worse than Sourdough for most of the length. There was lots of running water on the trail, but no snow until about 1 mile from Yankee Doodle Lake, where the drifts were intermediate to constant. I took the steep cutoff that shortcuts the road, and this was about 30-50% snow covered. Once I was above the tunnel, the conditions were similar, with about 30-50% snow coverage, and after Corona Pass it was probably about 50-50. Before Corona Pass, there are two sections where you want to be very careful on the snow, as it is steeply sloped and a slide will take you down a steep gully, so I went into mountaineering mode here and kicked steps up high to a point where the snow is flat. The only bright side is that the snow has consolidated enough that you can walk on it and only sink in about 2-4". The snow ended at the parking area for the Riflesight Notch trail, and the road was dry down to US 40.

Overall, a lot more bike pushing through snow than I would have liked. Not the greatest training for riding at altitude, but a good workout anyway. As you can expect, I did not see any other bikers anywhere near the pass, as nobody else was foolish enough to push their bikes through the snow to get there. Saw a few skiers making turns above Yankee Doodle Lake.

I would give it 2-3 weeks of warm weather to be snow-free, and in 1-2 weeks, you will be able to ride probably 80% of the trail.