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    I think I can.
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    I finally found it

    If I buy this I can keep up with all you skinny kids

    Gas Bike, Bicycle with Motor

    Bikes are FUN

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    scooter bikes are like fat chiks.
    theyre fun till yur friends see you on em...
    -Santa Cruz TBLTc
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    Now with 20% more fat!!
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    I saw a retro-fitted SC Nomad with an engine mounted on it in Englewood a few years back... Some guy was riding it around on the street. That poor bike looked at me like a dog forced to wear a christmas sweater by a frightening old lady. I pitied it...

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    Bad Andy!
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    My co-worker has made about 4 of those.
    Looks like the same one.
    He would find a cheap/free MTB, order the $200 (I think) engine from China, and slap it together.
    I rode it once for a couple hundred yards. It was fun. Luckily, none of my friends saw me.

    Edit - dude lives a few miles from work, and the bike gets ~100MPG.

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    I'm with stupid
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    Take that thing of any sweet jumps?

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    those things sketch me out.

    they are fun till a chainstay snaps and you find new places to store hi-ten steel and chromoly in your body.

    To quote the Zohan: I've seen this
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