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    How to treat nerve pain?

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    I'm experiencing some nerve pain after ankle surgery. I'm told that it's temporary and probably due to the nerve being stretched during surgery. It's more like extreeeeeme discomfort than pain, but it's distracting and has kept me from sleeping for about 3 weeks. Ambien and booze will get me about 2 hours, but that is just a tad unhealthy.

    My current treatment is PT for the broken ankle, massage, ice, and rubbing different textures on the area. I just bought some GABA, in the off chance it actually works.

    Anyone successfully treat nerve pain before? I think a scrip for Lyrica is the next step, but I'd like to avoid that.
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    If you can full weight bear I would recommend 1 legged standing. Often times the weight bearing can break up the pain signals. Ice is probably next best and friction rubs also.

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    I've had a couple of bouts with severe nerve pain (nerve damage after botched major collarbone surgery and after a double cervical fusion). After doing the painkiller thing, and having them mess up my sleep, I started meditating. Seriously. If you can't stop the pain, which painkillers don't really do when it comes to nerve pain, then you have to turn and face it and learn to deal. I eventually got to the point where I could get myself to sleep easily that way.

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    Two things will get you through this.
    1. Physical therapy, do the shit religiously even when you don't want to, it hurts, or when you start feeling better and don't think you need it anymore. I am nearly 10 years out from knee surgery and still do PT every day, I have to or I regress quickly.

    2. Marijuana. No narcotic made will cease nerve pain, just **** you up so that you aren't coherent enough to care. Marijuana kind of does the same thing only to a much lesser extent. You can still function in your daily life, and there are not nearly as many or as harmful side effects as opioids and other narcotics. The pain is still there, yet the THC helps you adjust your mental state to where it is much more easily controlled and tolerated.

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    Maybe ask your doc about a prescription for gabapentin (neurontin). Supposed to be for nerve pain. Some people get good results from it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MtbRN View Post
    Maybe ask your doc about a prescription for gabapentin (neurontin). Supposed to be for nerve pain. Some people get good results from it.
    so it depends on how bad your pain is. Is it bad enough to take an oral med like gabapentin? Its not a narcotic, (which as mentioned, do didely squat for nerve pain), but gabapentin also has negative cognitive side effects. Forgetfullness, etc... These can be lessened by tapering up, but they still exist.
    It can certainly help nerve pain, but you have to weigh it against its side effects.
    Will it improve your quality of life?

    I damaged my lateral cutaneous nerve in Whistler last month (numb area around my right hip). Hurts like HELL to roll over and wakes me up at night. Like an indian rope burn type pain, when its not numb. But the area is decreasing in size overall and pain quality is changing, so it is healing... slowly.
    But a numb area that has intermittent flares of excruciating pain is not enough for me to take a drug that has round the clock side effects. YMMV
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