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    Hikers get tickets on the Cone

    I was talking to a few Golden locals about Centennial Cone last week. There were a few rangers out giving tickets to the hikers! My neighbor/friend thanked the ranger after handing out two citations to hikers. Apparently the hikers weren't happy about getting tickets, they thought they had entitlement to use the trails regardless.

    Has anyone else witnessed this?
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    I witnessed someone trying to go for a run on the biker only days. He asked me if he could run on the trail. I told him it was clearly posted that it was a biker only day. He then said "Yeah, but do they enforce that?" I told him they shoot hikers on sight on bike only days.
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    Wow, and I thought they only enforced things when it came to mt bikers. I've been there and seen hikers on bike days. They yielded to me so I didn't care.

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    This is shocking news! I always see at least one hiker when its a weekend. Good to hear they are enforcing it both ways.
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    I ran into a couple that were hiking (right out the gate at mayhem gulch), and told them of the alternating day weekend rule. I basically just told them that today is bike only and they replied that they were only going to "check out the trail". I said beware if going around blind corners, cause you will get taken out. When I was in the parking lot, I finally saw them turn around...hiking quickly back to the parking lot. Not a wise move to hike on a bike day. Good to see we aren't the only ones getting citations.

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    Well honk my hooter! Fair is fair. Nice going JCOS.

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    I see hikers all the time on the weekends. I have a feeling they are just driving up the canyon sight seeing and decide to stop and go for a hike. I have approached hikers on trail and even in the parking lot a few times and explained that I was not there to enforce the rules but they are or about to break them. They are always pretty cool about it and thank me. Explaining the blind corners with bikes coming the other way usually gets their attention.

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    I rode there on a weekend day a few months ago and was way back by the east end and saw two hikers claiming they didn't know it was bike only day. There are signs everywhere and I knew if a bike dared come on the trails on a hiker only day, there would be a huge outcry from hikers. So, I'm glad these hikers (from this thread) got a ticket. The ones I saw did not get ticketed (to my knowledge).

    Thanks JCOS !!

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    Glad they are keeping it fair.

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    Yeah, I'd understand if I was caught on a Hiker only day trying to poach. I accidentally went up to Betasso on a Saturday after work and didn't remember it was hiker only day until I was already there. Still enjoyed the drive up/down Canyon Blvd. I had an excellent ride @ the cone a few weeks back on a weekday. I think those tickets are $50.

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