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    Help for Pueblo trails

    We had a public forum on the trails at Lake Pueblo State Park on Feb. 9 to try and get the trails approved by the BOR so we could expand them and apply for grants. It looked like everything was in place and the trails would be approved. Not to be ,we were blind sided by a group of equestrians, most who had never used the trails. They were upset that there were 36 miles of trails and they were only getting 16. We tried to explain sustainability and that the equestrian loop had been designed in conjunction with equestrian groups affiliated with our club, but they would not listen. They were rude and started shouting and the park manager had to shut down the meeting. The park is going to extend the public input until Feb 28. If you want to help us keep the trails please go to the Colo. State Park web site, Lake Pueblo State Park, trails and give a comment. If you would like more info. on the trails and meeting there is a good article in the Pueblo West View, on line Feb 21. If anyone would like a tour of the trails down here post it and we will try and hook you up. I fractured my leg in Oct. so I am just cruising the rollers like Voodoo,Cuatro Cinco, Outer Limits and South Shore, but some of my ridding bud's do the canyons.

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    Thanks for the heads up!

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    Article here:
    Send comments here:

    I would love to help you out and send in a comment on this matter, however, as a relative outsider I want to avoid coming off as more than just a blind partisan.

    The article helps:
    "I've ridden the trails with some of the equestrian people," Dowd said. "There are some structures on the trails that may not support horses. There are also some steep trails and trails with dropoffs of up to four feet. I'm not sure people would want to ride horses on them."

    Virtually all of the trails at Lake Pueblo State Park have been built, marked and maintained by a group of mountain bike enthusiasts, the Southern Colorado Trail Builders, who have devoted thousands of volunteer man-hours during the past six years to the project.

    Representatives of the trail builder's club bristled when the equestrian groups said they had not been notified. The trail builder's club said they consulted with hikers, runners and several equestrian organizations over the years, a fact backed up by French.

    French said the equestrian organizations were asked to participate several years ago. Representatives showed up for a few meetings, then lost interest.

    The reason the equestrians were limited to certain trails was sustainability of the trails, Clark said.
    The justifications you are promoting for limiting horses to 16 (13 according to the article?) miles of trail are:
    -Some of the trails would be dangerous or impassable to horses.
    -Most of the work on the Pueblo state park trails has been done by mountain bikers.
    -Equestrians were given the opportunity to participate and chose not to.
    -Horse traffic is more erosive to the trails than bikers and hikers.

    Do you agree?
    Anything else?

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    email sent... thanks Ozzie for your hard work and communication!

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    The PWHA (the horse group) did exactly what they knew would work, they showed up in force at the exact time they knew their arrival would create them the most strength. I can only guess, but it seems to me that they caused the most havoc they could and they are now the ones who might get what they want (they have the upper hand). Don't they want all the trails open to them? And what about the corral/stables the horse group wants built close by so they can start leading chargeable customers on rides. I ride down there fairly frequently and I have seen only a couple of horses. Where are all those horses?

    Up in Monument we have a lot of horse traffic, and who shows up at trail days or does ongoing trail work? Bikers, runners and hikers!

    The trail over on Sinko is still trashed after over ago year from horses!

    Oh yeah and they always go in and clean up the trails after their animals poop on the trail!

    My .02 worth and more....Peace!

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    Doesn't Pueblo West have its own corral and trails?

    Lory State Park used to have a designated corral and "tour" company. It is now the home of the mtb pump track and dj's. Put that in their crack pipe and smoke it.
    Biker? I don't even know her.

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    If you've been involved, you'll see that this is exactly their approach, particularly with anything related to State Parks. Since horses were excluded from Cheyenne Mtn. State Park, they see that as their "Alamo" and are very active in fighiting for every bit of access.

    I saw some statistic that actual horse use is less than 5% (but they seem dominate public meetings). They don't actually show up to use the trails, but they have lots of time and money to advocate for access (something mtbr's struggle to achieve, but that's another thread...)

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