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    Happy Thanksgiving, freaks!

    Hope you all have an enjoyable holiday.
    Gone are the days we stopped to decide,
    Where we should go,
    We just ride...

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    Right back at ya
    Quote Originally Posted by Hernando Gutierrez
    The only thing you have to figure out is don't fall down. To keep riding the bike.

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    Happy Twerky Day!

    Happy Thanksgiving, freaks!-twerky.jpg


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    I'm extremely thankfull to be born almost 41 years ago in Federal Heights, CO and to have such a great backyard to bike, hike, camp and paddle in!
    2012 Rumblefish Elite, 2015 Minnesota 2 Fatbike, 2010 Superfly 100 Carbon, 2014 CAAD 10 roadie

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    ROFLMAO!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and post thanksgiving day!

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    scar that picture is hilarious but it's not helping my appetite for leftovers.

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    Now with motion:

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    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    And I mean that from the bottom of my drumsticks.
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