For what it's worth, Hall is in great shape up to the loop... in the early AM at least. Turned around at the loop since the beginning looked pretty snowy/icy. The rest will get sloppy once the sun hits it for a bit, but it was totally frozen and in great shape at 7am this AM. But man, it's sad how more and more lines are developing there. I hadn't been up there in a while. Once a second line or widening happens, there's no real way to bring it back in short of just planting a line of big rocks along the side. In fact, that's what the next trail day should focus on. Last summer's day addressed some "problem" areas with re-routes and stuff (which I actually like since they largely left it as "choose your own adventure"), but round 2 should be to just choke down areas that are getting WAY wide. Anyway... tread lightly up there, but you're pretty much good to go if you set the alarm early. S