Feel kinda dumb for not knowing this, but castle rock is seriously on private land? I've been poaching and didn't even know it. From Jeffco website.

South Table Mountain Park:
South Table Mountain Park holds growing appeal for the region. The park combines panoramic mesa-top views, prized habitat for cliff-nesting raptors and proximity for many visitors to enjoy hikes, runs and rides.

From an initial 84-acre purchase in 1977, Open Space property has grown to nearly 1,500 acres, with 4 miles of designated trails in the eastern section of the mesa. Existing trails that can be explored are solid red on the park map. Avoid undesignated paths to protect natural resources.

By the end of 2013, additional trails indicated in dashed red lines will provide an expanded experience. In the meantime, we’ve closed undesignated paths that degrade the mesa ecology or cross into areas where public access is not allowed. That includes the private property on which Golden landmark rock outcropping, Castle Rock, resides. Jeffco Open Space reminds you not to trespass.