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    Going to Red Rocks next week, side trip?

    I'm headed to CO next week to see Widespread play at Red Rocks. We'll be staying somewhere near the amphitheater. Wondering at the last minute if there are any parks nearby that have bike rentals? Nearby is key because we'll only have one rental car and I doubt any of my buddies would be joining me.... I'll have to get dropped off.

    Trying out DH would be neat, but really anywhere that has rentals would be of interest.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do a search for Golden bike rentals. They're close.

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    Morrison or Golden for local trails and bike shops to rent. Keep an eye out for Heritage or Dino lot gatherings of ppl carpooling up to Winter Park on wknds...both lots w/in 3 miles of Red Rocks.
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    Isn't there a bike shop in MOrrison?

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    1.2 miles away from Red Rocks.

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    Evergreen Bike outfitters has rental scruz superlights. Just up the canyon. Your best trail option in that area is dakota ridge and matthew winters.

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    If you're coming from low altitude, you might find the trails in and around Red Rocks are plenty for you. Try the Red Rocks --> Matthews-Winters --> Dakota Ridge loop and see if you want more. If you do, Green Mountain is right over the hogback, Apex is right down the road, or Bear Creek park is right outside of Morrison. All within riding distance from Red Rocks, no car required.
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