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New Park! New Biking Trails?

Well what do you think of this initial report?

"I think overall that it went fairly well for bikers in general. I do know that there was at least one group that felt that nothing should be multiuse (Linda Hodges told me she got stuck in a group that wouldn't budge on that - I think the rest of the group was older ladies), but I think that was a rare outcome among the groups. Most people seemed to think that the majority of the trails should be multiuse loops with various technical levels with one or two hiker only trails. Freeriding in parcels B, D, and E (so some man-made stunts could be built) were mentioned by various groups and I know that at least 2 groups suggested that freeriding should be allowed in the Snyder Quarry (natural landscape freeriding)."

I was at the meeting - bikers were fairly well represented. I was mostly amazed at how widely open minded nearly everyone was to keep the VAST majority of the trails open to multi-use. And of course almost all the groups found space on thier planning maps for designated areas for FREERIDING!

Full report and breakdown to follow soon!