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    Firecracker 50 biker crash video

    This happened today to a girl I was following after we climbed Little French on the 2nd lap. I thought the worst when it happened. It was the scariest crash I have ever seen.

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Looks like she clipped her bar on the log, that'll make you crash. good thing the tree was a few feet further down the trail or she would have really gotten hurt.
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    Glad ya didn't hurt your time by stopping and giving her a hand.
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    That's the tight section where I ripped my shorts partially off last year at the Firecracker 50. My right ass cheek had never been so sunburned after that second lap. Ah, memories.
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    She's pretty lucky she missed hitting the tree!
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    Clipped her bar. I was thinking about that section the other day. It's not a tough or technical section of singletrack, but you do have to concentrate because of all the little dangers lucking if you get a little off line.

    Luck and good reactions kept her from hitting that tree.

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    Great video, glad she's OK.

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    That won't win you a date. Nice video.
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    Yea, you really have to focus a lot in that race - there are many sections where the slightest error will launch you into a tree. Bound to happen sooner or later if it hasn't happened already. At last year's race I saw a rider heavily bandaged at the finish.
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    I would have stayed if she really needed help. She ensured me she was ok and she was walking. I talked with her after the race. I don't think the video really shows just how steep it is and thank god the down tree stopped her.
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    Glad she is ok...looked pretty bad.

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