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Thread: Fifo solo ICW

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    Fifo solo ICW

    Dawn patrol at Indian Creek this morning. Needed to finish some Paks this afternoon, but I NEEDED to get a ride in today!
    Zero tracks out of the parking lot. Only one set of tracks seen the entire time, but they were from a few days ago.
    Indian Creek is my second home. I absolutely LOVE this place!

    What follows, I believe to be thread worthy

    Get out and ride before the heat wave comes back!

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02028.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02029.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02036.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02037.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02040.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02041.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02044.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02047.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02051.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02055.jpg

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02060.jpg

    Treated myself to one of these bad boys on the way home Knardness
    Fifo solo ICW-imag0457.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fifo solo ICW-dsc02054.jpg  

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02066.jpg  

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    Thread worthy for sure!
    Quote Originally Posted by Hernando Gutierrez
    The only thing you have to figure out is don't fall down. To keep riding the bike.

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    Way to get after it!! I love your post man!

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to HomegrownMN again.

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    Thanks guys!

    You know it's a good day when you're dipping your feet in pow every rotation

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    Fresh tracks and sign of the goat! Looks like a good day to me. Nice work

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    Fresh In Fresh Out - Fantaz shtick shtuff!

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    FIFO with the sun up and you lay down first trax. why that's worth Two Thumbs UP

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    FIFO approved!!!

    Thanks for the FIFO stoke, I really needed that! Been in a major funk all week and have not ridden. Think it is the "kick in the pants" that I needed.


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    Precision cuts

    Fifo solo ICW-dsc02056.jpg

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    Yup, hmmmm...mmmmmm...good stuff. Was good to follow your tracks yesterday afternoon....I knew it had to be a fellow TIT.

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    Soooo good thank you!!
    I'm a cowboy on a steel horse i ride!

    the blog

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    hot damn!
    the drugs made me realize it's not about the drugs

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