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    Take the long cut, we'll get there eventually.

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    Hands free...? Can you push a button on the ear piece and do a voice dial? Don't have one yet; going to get one.

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    Danika is Bueno!!!
    Rub n Tiz'zug

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    I'm in Seattle this week on travel and I saw this on the front page of the newpaper. It was also all over the news. Talk about cyclist taking things into their own hands. The tide is starting to shift

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    Right on - it's awesome that they actually caught the POS. You've gotta be pretty F'd in the head to do that to anyone, let alone some mom with her baby in tow.
    Now with more vitriol!

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    That story is awesome. There's a good chance that if this happened to my girl, the same thing would ensue.
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    That's great, I bet that guy had no idea she would chase his ass down on a cell phone with a baby on her back.

    Question : Could they have been going fast if she was carrying a baby? I'm not familiar with child restraining devices or how well they'll hold a kid in though.
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