Ballots are due tomorrow by noon, I think. If you haven't filled yours out, you should probably take it to a drop-off point (see the ballot instructions) rather than mailing it.

From the BMA website:

Don't Forget to VOTE!
Vote YES on County 1A and 1B
BMA City Council Endorsements
We did the homework. We made hard choices. We spent at least 150 cumulative hours figuring this out. If you want a discussion about how we arrived at these selections, please contact President Mike Barrow at We are happy to talk about it.
Adam Massey
Ken Wilson
Crystal Gray
Susan Osborne
Lisa Morzel
Macon Cowles
Angelique Espinoza
If you are a registered voter in the City of Boulder, we encourage you to look closely at these candidates, and if you like them, support them by voting for them!
County 1A and 1B - both of thes tax extensions directly benefit cycling directly. One only has to remember the two million dollars Boulder County paid for the Olsen property and it's only purpose was to connect the dots and make the Picture Rock Trail a reality to realize support for Open Space is warranted. Left Hand Canyon Drive, James Canyon Road, Nelson Road, 75th Street, and so many more road widening projects have been made possible by the transportation tax. The St Vrain Greenway, the UP railroad to Erie, and the Boulder Feeder Canal are projects that need this tax to continue.