OK. So here it goes.

I setup a discussion list on my server and tried to keep the bullsh*t text to a minimum. So far, it seems to work for my tests, but I'll let the rest of you give it a go. If it starts getting abused, I will shut it down. There just doesn't seem to be an easy way to prevent it and really, there isn't a way to prevent it on Twitter. We just need to be adults and limit the send to subject only. Please keep this only to Boulder trails. If it works, I'll expand it. Abuse it and you lose it.

You can subscribe/unsubscribe at www.frmtb.com. If you want it to go to your email, then enter that. If you want it to go to your cell phone then enter the full sms address. For example, if you are on AT&T your address would be phone_number@txt.att.net (3035551212@txt.att.net). Check with your carrier for their email texting option (they all have one). Remember, text messages are usually limited by the carrier (AT&T is 160 characters), so just use the subject line and keep it short. Once you are subscribed, you will be able to send/text btc at frmtb dot com and it will go to everyone on the list. You could also reply. I am pretty sure that all the carriers allow texting to an email address. Sometimes you have to call them and make sure the txt message gateway is correct. For me, it doesn't matter because I use a Blackberry, If you have one of those or an email enabled phone (iPhone, Palm, etc.) then just enter your email address. No need to text message that.\

IMPORTANT: SUBSCRIBERS WILL SEE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (PHONE) IF YOU SEND A MESSAGE OR REPLY. I haven't figured out how to stop this yet. There has to be a way, I'm just not a CGI/PL programmer.

Now the one benefit of the Twitter page was that it shows the last X number of posts. Why you would care? I don't know. The mailing list does have an archive if you really wanted to know the last 100 trail conditions.

That's about it. Remember, this is a test. It could end at a moments notice, especially if it doesn't work well. I am also not really interested in hosting this forever. If one of the local orgs (CoMBA / BMA / etc.) want to set it up on their servers (doesn't work on godaddy, btw), I will be more than happy to lend a hand (but not run it for you - that's not my thing anymore). I did this because that's how my brain works. I don't sleep (without being pharma induced). I think - a lot.

Enjoy the BETA.