I am grateful to the Springs crew for letting me tag along on Sunday and showing me the goods that are worth riding in the Pike National Forest. I can see now where my next learning stretch is headed and that curve looks fairly steep - down.

Thanks to JoeColorado for driving and bringing the shuttle machine; Nickle for being an awesome sport and rider, Brian (looking forward to seeing some of that helmet cam footage), Sean (great recovery from that clavicle break, Sean), Kaba Klaus, and Skullybones for jumping off a rock that does not appear in my wildest dreams of ever doing, and Icegeek for being such a nice guy and bringing that sweet new Yeti.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to thank the young lady that gave us a closer look at her hidden assets on the way out to the road - great show - maybe next time you will move off the road a bit farther when it it is time to take a biology break.

Anyway, an epic ride and certainly a treat for an old guy just getting into the gravity side of riding off-road.

Last, big thanks to Kaba Klaus for organizing the journey from Fort Fun and doing all of the driving and loading all those bikes into and onto such a small car! Hope you will all let me tag along another time.