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    Best Tire for Deep Hail

    I guess I won't be riding this afternnoon anywhere near Ft. Collins

    Now that it's melting, Spring Creek is way out of banks as well.
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    Best Tire for Tornadoes...

    Funnels spotted in Broomfield.
    Yay weather!
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    Glad I rode early. Not a soul on Maxwell, Blue Sky or Coyote.

    We got almost 3" of hail, up to 3/4" in diameter. Sheltered at Sonic to avoid the biggest part of the storm. Drove through a bunch of flooded intersections. Spent 25 minutes cleaning hail off the trampoline. Cool storm!

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    clearing up in ned, clouds but no rain to speak of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by subliminalshiver
    Funnels spotted in Broomfield.
    Yay weather!
    Hit the field behind my house. Almost had me a big insurance check! (for that new garage extension)
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    I fix hail damage on cars for a living and for me the storm was a bust. I followed one cell from green mountain all the way to Parker and only got a handful of dents. If anyone did get damage let me know what part of town if you don't mind. I'll hook you up on your repairs!

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