<p><strong>Colorado State Senator Chris Romer and his colleagues Senator Mark Scheffel, Senator Mike Kopp, and Senator Greg Brophy are great friends to cyclists</strong>. COMBA is proud to partner with the Senators to help bring<strong><em> <a href="http://www.bailey100.com">The Bailey HUNDO: The Senators’ Underground Invitational</a></em></strong><em></em>, an 100-mile endurance mountain bike race, to the Front Range mountain biking destination Bailey, Colorado. The proceeds of the race will not only enhance the singletrack trail system around Bailey, but also promote mountain biking to at-risk youth, and high schoolers around the state by supporting <a href="http://www.tripsforkidsdenver.org/">Trips For Kids Denver/Boulder</a> and the newly-founded <a href="http://coloradomtb.org/">Colorado High School Cycling League</a> (CHSCL).</p>
<p>This year’s beta ride is organized as a partnership between four of Colorado’s finest State Senators—Senator Chris Romer, Senator Mark Scheffel, Senator Mike Kopp, and Senator Greg Brophy—as well as the <a href="http://www.bailey-colorado.org/">Platte Canyon Chamber of Commerce</a> and the <a href="http://www.comba.org/">Colorado Mountain Biking Association</a> (COMBA). The race will be sponsored, in part, by the Platte Canyon Cycling Club, <a href="http://www.owa.com/">Outpost Wilderness Adventures</a>, <a href="http://ridewrc.com/">Wheat Ridge Cyclery</a>, <a href="http://www.teamevergreenracing.com/">Team Evergreen Cycling Club and Racing Team</a>, and many other generous folks!</p>
<p>In the inaugural year, 150 of the finest mountain bikers from around the state, country and world -- including local hero Dave Wiens -- will be invited to experience the course. COMBA has several invitations to reward its members, volunteers, and supporters. Do you have what it takes to race <em><a href="http://www.bailey100.com">The Bailey HUNDO</a> </em>and want to promote youth mountain biking?</p>
<p><strong>Send an email to <a href="mailto:info@comba.org">info@comba.org</a> and let us know why you would like to be involved in this historic event.</strong><em></em></p>
<p>To find out more about the <em><a href="http://www.bailey100.com">The Bailey HUNDO: The Senators’ Underground Invitational</a> please visit:</em></p>
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong> <a href="http://www.bailey100.com">www.bailey100.com</a></strong><em><br /></em></p>