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    Altered commutes

    On my daily commute I found myself running into numerous flooded underpasses along Boulder Creek. Although west of Foothills sections between underpasses are rideable. Anybody else have their commutes affected?

    Washed out railroad bed. The tracks are sagging a bit. Probably no trains for a while.
    Altered commutes-bike_paths-1.jpg

    Creek path underwater
    Altered commutes-bike_paths-2.jpg

    I won't be riding this tunnel anytime soon.
    Altered commutes-bike_paths-3.jpg

    Mud and sand deposits with the water. Can the sand and mud be scraped up where it doesn't belong and used to fill in eroded roads?
    Altered commutes-bike_paths-4.jpg

    Altered commutes-bike_paths-5.jpg

    Altered commutes-bike_paths-6.jpg

    For a while at least nature has reclaimed parts of the path and it feels like riding on a trail.
    Altered commutes-bike_paths-7.jpg

    Altered commutes-bike_paths-8.jpg

    these folks were saving fish.
    Altered commutes-bike_paths-9.jpg

    Altered commutes-bike_paths-10.jpg

    Then I came across this truck blocking the road. The trailer was on a median and a cop was interviewing the driver.
    Altered commutes-bike_paths-11.jpg

    Goose creek path is an example of Boulder's recent work on flood control. Not a lot of water in this creek normally but they obviously prepared for a flood with a wide bed, wetlands, and rocks walls in some places. Bike paths may get underwater but will dry out soon enough.
    As a result of all the flood control projects in recent years there are no bridges out in town (at least none that I know of)!
    Altered commutes-bike_paths-12.jpg

    Altered commutes-bike_paths-13.jpg

    Altered commutes-bike_paths-14.jpg
    "Don't take life so serious, son . . . it ain't no how permanent." - Porky Pine

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    Nice report. A phenomenal amount of sand everywhere. They just need to put it all back where it came from!
    So it seems to me to be, this thing that I think I see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcguy View Post
    They just need to put it all back where it came from!
    Read John McPhee's "Control of Nature"

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    Quote Originally Posted by zrm View Post
    Read John McPhee's "Control of Nature"
    I read a McPhee book about him traveling through Wyoming and describing the succession of mountain ranges. One builds up, it gets torn down after millions of years, another comes up. You have to take the long view when thinking of how Nature does things.
    So it seems to me to be, this thing that I think I see.

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    Traveling from Golden to Boulder on 93 I noticed the one creek that usually is quite small has been filled with rocks that have washed down from the mountains. The banks of the creek used to be all sand and soil but are now mostly softball and bowling ball size rocks. Pretty neat to see what nature can do and how it changed the environment.

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    I used to bike commute on the creek path, but a month ago started a job in Denver. Interesting timing for that one. My old commute must be interesting right now.

    The City of Boulder, for all of its foibles that people like to ***** about, clearly did something right when it comes to flood preparation.

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    Platte River Trail is surprisingly in perfect condition and completely dry for my commute from Lakewood to downtown Denver. I was kind of surprised especially with some of the underpasses cause the Platte was raging last week, but then again that river can hold a lot of volume. It's still flowing pretty high and wide, but not nearly as bad as before.
    Gotta get up to get down.

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    I don't no crap but I wonder if the drainage from the recent storms missed the Platte south of maybe Ft Lupton?

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    Feels like Spring in Texas to me....
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    I sometimes take the Platte River Trail from downtown to Westminster (Platt to Niver Creek Path). I have not done it since the floods. I did see on the news from a chopper cam that the path was blown out where the spillways are in the Commerce City area. Haven't found any info online as of now.

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    My commute used to be 80% trails and paths but basically the only path open for me is the one along foothills pkwy, so the percentage is flipped.

    About that railroad. There is a section is Longmont where not only the roadbed was demolished, the rails were ripped apart. The railroad will probably get fixed fast though--those guys are quick with that sort of repair.

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