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    Almost 80 degrees....I'm going ride'n!

    Almost 80 degrees....I'm going ride'n

    Not sure what's up with the lone cow up in Horsetooth Mountain Park

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    Nice shots. I hit some of those trails yesterday.
    Are you loving the riding and the weather here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgltrak
    Are you loving the riding and the weather here?
    Road and mountain riding is excellent. Weather couldn't be better to get to know the local dirt flavor. Got to get in as much local trail BETA before coach starts laying down the training program.

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    I thought it would be warm but with windchill, sourdough and S St. Vrain were pretty chilly. Kept my long sleeve microfiber and hat on the whole time.

    Wind was about 50mph on brainard lake. liquid smoke and all.

    unfortunately the wind wasn't compliant.

    unfortunately the wind wasn't compliant. Head wind all the way to the lake. On the trails in the trees it was good though.
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    I wonder what this guy looks like.

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    Funny, I just descended through a bunch of snow between Empire and Dumont -- a good 2 inches still on the ground in some places, upper 40's air temp I'd guess, but no wind up here at all. Nice little ride...
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    I rode Plymouth Mtn at Deer Creek today. Was gonna go shooting with the family but my mom got sick. On the way up I cleared about ten feet of the Wall of Shame as usual, but rode the whole thing down - was pretty pleased with myself for that. Place was absolutely packed, but it wasn't too bad on the trail. November and 70's, perfect riding weather. I love Colorado.
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    Nice Jeff. Looks like you've found the good local stuff! I got out about three hours on the road yesterday and rode Carter Lake. Looks like you probably train a lot on the road too...there is a phenomenal loop if you go up HTMP over into Masonville - west up Fremont Hill up to Old Flowers/Stove Prairie Road - then up over Rist Canyon (about 8600 feet?) and back down into FtC. Rist Canyon is about 16-17% and that would be a good hilly training ride. I do it in about 3:15 but I'd think you could do in a little under 3 if you're in as good a shape as I think!

    Then there are always the Saturday morning Oval rides with fast cat 1's and old US National Pro champs Eddie Gragus, Jr. Nat'l champ Chris Stockberger, etc. etc. showing up. Too fast for me!

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    Haha I just glanced at your title and I thought you were talking about an 80 degree headtube and was going to say wow that seems alittle steep to me lol. Looks like a fun ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dash
    I wonder what this guy looks like.
    Hmmm... not sure - hard to tell in the pix and avatar.

    Forgot you were moving a little further to the left side of the country, Jeff - welcome! Get settled, have fun - and pray for snow so that we can ride NEXT season without fear of fire/closures! Come down to land of Manana someday.

    Last year at this time, we were getting first turns in up at the ski basin in Santa Fe. THIS year, freakin super-dry fall. Bad. Very Bad.
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