if any of you commute on 470 in the morning, you may have seen a bunch of kids riding bikes around the Chatfield area... The MVHS Adventure Race is what you would have been witnessing. My buddy and I were participating in it as the "Alumni" team. Also, we dominated for much of the beginning of the race, and then fell behind due to a missed checkpoint, and several GPS issues However, we failed to make an error that everyone else made, which ended up putting us back into second place. After the fire-starting leg, we were in first place for the last two checkpoints, and finished 10 minutes ahead of the next team. Unfortunately, we didn't "count" due to the fact that we were the Alumni. It was extremely fun to get out and get dirty, bleed a little, and dominate the race. Overall a very good day.

Note to self: be careful when walking in the woods with downed trees.... they are sharp