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Thread: 3 sisters....

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    how heavy are you ??
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    3 sisters....

    goof to go .. ya think?
    thanks in advance

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    Seeing as Abasin reported 6" of fresh snow this morning and all the rain last night in the city I'd say give it few weeks. I dunno though since I haven't been up by Evergreen recently.

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    Nah...I was at A-Basin this morning and Idaho Springs this afternoon. A-Basin got 7", but there was near nothing in Idaho Springs. I bet Evergreen is doing fine

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    3 sisters are in good condition. very rideable, heh.

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    rode yesterday, Dirt was perfect
    wish i could get up there today, Mothers Day = Father takes kids out and about to give Mother a break.
    Kinda backwards huh?
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    You only get eaten once.
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    the only chick that ever sat on
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