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    2011 Stats, Times, Mile Marks etc.

    So, I grew up here and have been riding the FR trails for 18 years now. I started keeping a spreadsheet about 5 years ago. It's been fun to see the trends. I won't bore you all with them but I did end up bagging 106 MTB rides this year for a total of around 770 miles. (I counted days at the bike park too though...and, a lot of my rides are lunch rides around 1 hr total). Anyway, I'm calling it a good year for MTB.

    Also, I found some stats from 4-5 years these are not current. These are from when I was racing the WP series, sport/expert class on a HT. Now I have a 33lb Nomad and have been enjoying the less serious side of the sport, stopping to smell the roses etc. I have no idea if these times are decent or not so I thought I'd throw them out there just to see. Not a competition, just to see what times guys are turning in on these climbs these days...all my times were on a sub 22lb Zaskar. (I also weighed a good 18 lbs less as well but that's beside the point)

    White Ranch
    2nd Gate at bottom to Mustang Bench
    2.22 miles
    24min, 4 sec.

    Mt Falcon
    Gate at bottom to picnic pavillion at top
    2.54 miles
    29min, 34 sec.

    Chimney Gulch
    Bottom parking lot off 6th up to Boettcher Mansion
    29min, 4 sec

    From trail off of bike path at bottom straight up Apex trail to top EF junction
    2.42 miles
    29min, 6 sec

    Lookout (on road bike)
    Pillar to post
    4.31 miles
    21min, 48 sec

    Anyway, what were your stats for 2011 on rides etc. and/or your times, mile marks, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GL1 View Post
    Anyway, what were your stats for 2011 on rides etc. and/or your times, mile marks, etc.
    Have you checked out Its a sort of social networking meets Garmin Connect type of site, compares your times on climbs or other segments to everyone else who has uploaded a ride to their site.

    I'm an old, fat guy but I was pleased to see that when I got my much racier 29er this year that I shattered pretty much all my personal best times on climbs that I'd been doing for years on various other bikes.

    For instance, I shaved nearly a full 3 minutes off my time on the Antelope side of Hall Ranch going from 28:11 to 25:32 from the parking lot to the loop. And still a full 7 minutes slower than the fastest people...

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    Thanks! Just checked it out. That's a cool site and I hadn't seen that before.

    That's interesting about your times on the 9er. That's sort of what I was interested in seeing with other people posting their times. These times were from the early '00's before the 9er phenomenon. I don't race anymore and have been loving the Nomad and doing more technical/freeride stuff this year (loved Buff Creek this year!) but if I were racing again I think I'd def look at a 9er HT.

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