Hi this is my second post in the forums. I 've been revisiting Mbikinig since 2003. I am rather a borderline Clydesdale biker @215-220lbs (94-98kg) and 186cm (should be 6'1" and some change) and planning to getting back at sub 200lbs (around 185lbs) soon. Used to weigh over 270lbs 10years ago, but that's a rather long story. Right now I am riding a rather oversized (21.5") GT Backwoods my father gave me with lot's of modifications (SRAMs X9, Marzocchi MXCs, Avid BB5s and so on). I have been satisifed with the frame on the road but not so much on the trail, nonetheless it is quite comfortable as I have quite long legs. However time has come to invest on a better frame and transfer most the equipment over to the new one.

The question is : Should I go with the GT Zaskar 2005 (20" this time) or with an Ibex Trophy Pro 2005, which is more durable and best for a rider who is now develpping his technique in XC and small jumps and urban riding ? Thanks to all.