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    Is X Caliber ok for 300# ?

    What are your thoughts on this for a 300# rider? Also thinking about the Ferrous but this is a little less money. I'm more in question of the frame, I can swap cranks.
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    I'm a big Fisher Fan.

    I also think that wheels are a lot tougher than people give them credit for. 300 pounds...I worry a little for you. And it ain't about the cranks.

    That's a lightweight Alum HT might crack it (you'd crack it nearly for sure if you get a 2007 or older model). The '08's are all new and improved, but sketchy for someone of your impressive girth.

    Then the wheels would be of're talking about a 28-spoke-count wheelset. Not meant to be ultra beefy.

    I'm very happy you're considering a 29er, but I fear for your weight being at issue on this bike.

    What's your budget? The Ferrous might be the better option, frame-wise, but the wheels are still at issue.

    If I was could give serious consideration to the following plan:
    *Buy a used/fully built Surly Karate Monkey (KM) - burly, you won't break it
    *Buy a new KM frame AND a Fisher Ferrous - sell the stock/new wheels, use cash to buy a set of burly wheels (say XT hubs, 36 hole, A719 or DT rims). Move all parts to the the Ferrous frame for a bonus-upgrade when you lose enough weight (say under 250 or so).

    There's a lot of ways to skin a cat, but that's how I'd do it.
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