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    Wheel Advice for SS 29er

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking for a couple months as Iíve ramped up my riding. Just bent my rim (was able to true it, but it probably won't last), so that got me thinking about a long-term upgrade Ė one thatíll outlast my current bike.

    About my situation:
    I ride a 2012 Redline Monocog, so itís a 29er with no suspension. Itís all stock with the exception of my brakes, which are Clarks M2 disc brakes. I am 6í3Ē and 230 lbs (goal weight is 200, and Iím down from 262). Iím riding in North Central Florida, so itís pretty flat with a lot of roots and sugar sand.

    I'm looking to build something along the lines of the following with a $500 budget with room:
    • Rims: Stanís Notubes Flow Ex ZTR 29er 32H (I'
    • Hubs: Hope Pro 2 Evo 32H 15mm hubs with 9mm conversions
    • Spokes: Wheelsmith double butted
    • Nipples: Brass
    • Tires: Maxxis Ardent 2.4 (tubeless)

    Any advice would be appreciated. This will be my first time building wheels, but I'm pretty mechanically inclined and a glutton for punishment (which is why I ride a no-sus, SS 29er!).

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    Would this be better suited in the wheels section? I figured Clyde advice would be ideal, but I can redirect my inquiry if I've miscategorized the post.

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    Only thing I can offer is the Flow EX's have carried my fat ass around for about a year without any issues. Run the Stans 3.30HD hubs and double butted spokes on brass nipples. I had mine relaced right when I got them with burlier spokes and nipples.
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