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    Thoughts on this bike for a newb Clydes...

    Trek Bicycle

    I am 5'9" about 350 lbs... What are your thoughts on the Trek linked above?

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    350lbs + 28h wheelset = generally not a good idea.

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    It's a pretty good bike. If looking at a hardtail I would think that you could find a lot more bike for the money, especially at the typical price point of a Trek, somewhere else. You'll need to budget money for wheel truing and a new wheel set at some point. Though I rode 28H wheels for over a year with no issues when I first started riding but I stuck to the more cross country type stuff and was pretty careful.
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    It's a great bike but you have to take into account what it's designed to do. The Superfly is a XC racing bike. You are paying a premium to get a bike with lighter parts. Is that something you are going to be able to take advantage of at 350 pounds?

    You are probably better off spending less to get the X-Caliber which is also a XC racing bike with heavier parts. Alternatively you might want to look at the Stache which is a much burlier hardtail.
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    I think the name itself implies that it is not best for super clydes. And a quick check of the specs back this up.

    Check out the Surly Ogre or Troll for a bomber super clyde ready bike that isn't just a cookie cutter big brand model.

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    What about a Stache?

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