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    Quote Originally Posted by 76gator View Post
    The problem with fitting into a short cockpit is the bike still doesn't fit just because you can bottom out the pedal stroke. The angles and leverage will still mean we have more strain on our knees and can't really get the power out of the pedal stroke. Longer cranks help but then the bottom out factor on rocks roots... comes into play...

    Just like with some clothes companies, if a bike company would just charge a little more (if need be) and build at least one model to fit the 1% it would be great. Even if you had to order it and wait but still treat it as a production model so your not building a 'custom' bike and paying 'custom' prices.

    I have a custom road bike and when my PARKPRE was stolen I was really aggrevated because it came really close to fitting well. And without the $$$ for a custom bike virtually everything since has been a serious compromise.
    You're right, but like anything else, it does cost money, and when the develpment/molds/paterns/etc are created for only 1% of customer base it really makes sense that it's so much more expensive. Turner makes an XXL model in the 5spot and some of the older models. I picked up a 2008 RFX frame for $450 that was in perfect condition it has a 23" seat tube and 26.3" top tube, plus the BB height is 14.1 which means I could run longer cranks without worrying about pedal strike. My XXL Stumpjumper was allright as far as the Geo but the rearend was far from stiff and I really hated that rear shock. Yeti's XL size has a pretty long top tube too!!

    Now, lets talk about cars...............hehe, actually let's not go there, they sure aren't made for the tall guys...........I love my chevy truck, but the gas mileage sucks........
    Master of Nothing, but dammit if I don't try..............

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    All right, I heard you and here it goes:
    The DirtySixer!

    And Ben at 6f10 riding it at the Sea Otter last week-end!

    Tall Guys: We are the 1% LOL-3634_164409127055151_1058671467_n.jpg
    DirtySixer Bikes, California
    Big 32er & 36er bikes for tall riders

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    lmao !!!!!! I thought this was so funny I was laughin out loud , my wife & kids thought I was nuts ,,, but non understand the tall mans woes !!! 1. the basketball question ....4 days out the week , 2. wishing I can drive one of the many souped up 500hp sports cars that make drool when you see it ! 3. amusement parks ....FORGET IT 4. kids automatically think you are their personal amusement ride 5. and the winner is when stores go "big and tall" , you get excited ( cause you know how hard it is to find good fitting clothes ) and turns out that all they have is 2xl .........
    Ride hard everytime....or take up

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    I don't understand what you guys are talking about.............I am not 6'7"

    I am only 5' 19"...........

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