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    I bought some roadies.
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    Taking the Giant Reign X0 for a demo... is it the right one?

    Ok, so I'm 6'4" Close to 240lbs ready to ride. I've been doing some research the past few weeks, because I want/need to back into riding.

    Back Story:
    Up until the past few years I'ld never gone a year without owning a bike, but also never had one last longer than a few months. I've spent probably close to $2500 on 8 bikes or more over the course of my life... all have suffered fatal wounds. To be honest, they could all have been fixed, but either my budget, or just the fact the bike wasn't ever right in the first place, made me lose interest. I know my mistakes, I bought the cheap full suspension sports store bikes. It wasn't until recently that the door was open to what a real bike was by a friend of mine.

    Now I recently found this website, and have been reading for a few days... but I have a few questions that I haven't been able to answer through other peoples posts.

    I'm not a complete novice to riding a bike, but never had the opportunity to come across something I wasn't too worried about riding over. I also have never come across the jumps and natural terrain I have seen in pictures on here or on videos. I've always been a more urban rider or what I heard called "flatland" for old bmx guys. But I'm now extremely eager to find some local trail/freeride spots.

    Throughout my research I had to basically start over. I have always just bought something out of haste, and now I wanted to know what I was getting into, since I planned on spending upwards of $2500 for one bike. I know nothing, no brands, no names, no terms, nothing. Just that I've enjoyed riding for years as just a form of therepy almost. I only know what I've picked up through reading and talking to a few people in the past few weeks.

    I walked into my LBS a week ago, and the first bikes he pointed me at were the Reign X1 and the Reign 1. Both in my range. Depending on how I was going to ride the bike, being one weighed in at roughly 30lbs and the other at 38. I asked what else he would suggest, and he point out the specialized Bikes. Multiple bikes in their stable were in my range. But I liked the look of the Giants. Simply because of the fact they looked stronger than the bikes I'ld broke before. Better welds beefier tubes etc. Keep in mind I don't know my way around the multiple components of these bikes. The salesman told me that basically the bikes were the same. Hydro. disc brakes, mid range components, all capable of holding my weight and taking a beating. I walked out pretty much knowing I'ld be back for a demo on one of these bikes soon.

    Ok, long back story. I'm sure I lost a few, hopefully somebody read this far...

    Now I've read more on the Kona line, read a post on here, someone mentioned seeing a larger (6'5" 250lb) rider in Portland on a Coiler. Which is even more in my price range. And after the week I left the LBS, I found I might want something more heavy on the freeride side, just because of my weight. And knowing the I will want to huck my bike eventually, I like the idea of buying what I will grow into hopefully.

    So, does anyone have a side by side comparison or just one side of this argument to compare? The Giant Reign X1 or 1 vs the Kona Coiler. Or even another angle I haven't seen? Any help would be great.

    Thanks for making it through this extremely long post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonebored
    Thanks for making it through this extremely long post.
    Wow, that was long. What was your question again?

    I've some experience on the frames you mentioned, here're my thoughts...

    The Reign. The XO is the all air suspension model, this bike should be pretty light, my guess is in the 31 to 33lb range. The coil-sprung models (X1 & X2) would be a little heavier. I demo'd an XO and it didn't work well for me, but I'm 270lbs plus so I couldn't really get the suspension dialed. I suspect that this bike rides pretty well. You should be better off at around 240lbs. Sorry I can't offer more info, get a test ride if you can.

    Specialized. I demo'd an Enduro expert (which is no longer being made, they're only making SL models now) and I liked it a lot. It had air shocks front and rear. I tend to think of the Enduro as less freeridish when compared to a Reign (particularly the new Enduro SL models). Just my perspective, that may or may not be true. If your LBS has an older model it'd be worth checking out. Or even take a look at the SX Trail, that model is still available and is more FR oriented having similar travel to the Reign.

    I don't have any experience on a Coiler. Seems like it'd work as well as the other two. I've got a Kona HT that's held up to some abuse.

    Other options in this category include the Santa Cruz Heckler and Bullit. There are also a bunch of higher end brands (Turner, Intense, Ellsworth, Titus, Knolly, etc.) that make frames like this, but then you're looking a spending a lot more money, probably upwards of $2000+ for the frame alone. Take a browse through the manufacturer forums, that'll give you an idea of what brands are out there. You can do a google search to find each brands website so you can see the different models they offer. Also check out the review section here on MTBR, there's some good info on there.

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    I bought some roadies.
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    I've looked into a few of those brands you mentioned, and I've pretty much seen what you said. Upwards of 2000 for just the frame... which is a little out of my range.

    The goal is to be able to get a HT for my girlfriend, a FS for me, and gear for the both of us for under 3000. Including a bike rack for taking trips. Thats pretty much all I've got as far as a budget.

    The way I see it,
    250- rack
    100- 2 decent camel back packs
    125- 2 decent helmets
    600- Decent HT for the woman ( she just wants to be able to go out on some decent trails and ride, nothing too crazy)

    I know there is a whole lot more gear I can get myself into, but this is just the start.

    Which leaves me about 1900 to work with on my bike. Give or take a few hundred bucks isn't a big deal, but thats what I'ld like to stay withing. So thats the limiting factors I've got. Thats more the real question, I guess I got a little wordy...

    Thanks again, I'll keep doing more research, and I'll throw my .02 in on the Reign when I get back.


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