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    STUMPJUMPER FSR ELITE 29 vs Santa Cruz Tallboy LT ?

    Hi Guys,

    Of course both in XXL sizes.
    Im living in Denmark so I know about other US comopanies doing XXL frames in full but here is a tax, service etc problems with other great us companies.
    Im thinking on one of those or maybe You will have better samples.??
    Im thinking for Santa but Stumpy is about 2,300 USD cheeper than Santa- I can see a difference in components.
    But main differnt is in frame
    Santa offer XXL only in carbon version
    Specialized offer XXl only in Alu version

    My weight is 225 and Im 6'7''

    heard that some companie scan give like lifetime warranty for frame ( cannondale?) but not XXl? :-(

    What is Your opinion?

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    Forgot about Trek Fuel EX 29 XXL :-) and I think better for big guys a Trek Remedy 9 29 23''.

    -Santa Tallboy Ltc - carbon but about 2.300 usd more expensive then

    -Specilized Stumpjumper FSR- M5 alloy

    -Trek Remedy 9 29 - Alpha Platinum aluminium

    Im not sure if is worht to spend more 2.5k usd to have a carbon?
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    I have the Trek Fuel at XXL and it rides very well I think if I had the money for it I might have considered the SC but I don't know if the warranty is as comprehensive or long (open to being informed).
    At 6'4" it's hard getting a bike to fit.
    We're similar weights and I find the frame stiff and capable across trail and XC riding.

    The Stumpy was another option. I only rode the 650b version and it was excellent but I wanted the full carbon. Any chance you can try any of these bikes? Rocky Mountan also make XXL bikes.
    The Remedy at XXL is great if you want a more fun, capable bike but it's shorter in the ETT so bear that in mind.


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    Research carefully and demo if possible. Don't focus only on XXL, as XXL can be very different in numerical values and you will see some companies XL's are "larger", than other companies XXL's. Even within same manufacturers, XXL's can be different between the models.
    That said, I ride the trek carbon superfly XXL, not just because it's an awesome bike, but because it's the largest high-end XC bike on the market.

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