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    Stuck on the weightloss plateau

    So as with many of you this is my year to start making changes, I started the year at 285lbs

    I started the year with my diet in mind, it took a while to get into habits and watching my intake, calorie counting etc but I lost about 10-12lbs in 4-5 months with diet alone (with massive stress and overtime at work fighting against me)

    I was stuck on a plateau for a few months so I rediscovered my passion for biking, slapped some slicks on my MTB and started riding around the neighborhood, it was rough, I was really out of shape but in about a month I put the knobbies back on and started riding the singletrack near my house, I started losing weight again, another 15lbs over 2-3 months

    now I'm stuck again, it's depressing, I was really sure I would make my goal by year's end, I'm riding at least an hour 3-4 times a week and on most days I'm exhausted so I know I'm putting in the work I've even had a few days where I really pushed myself, I rode the 5 miles to the trail, rode the trail for an hour and then rode back, sadly with family and other obligations a 2 hour ride 3-4 times a week is not really in the cards for me

    I'm meeting or exceeding my calorie goals, I'm using "my fittness pal" as a tracking tool, on days I ride I get an extra 1000 calories or so but I usually don't use them all, I'm usually like 800 calories under my goal on the days I ride and rarely over my goal on days I don't ride

    I don't mean for this to be a winey post or anything like that, I'm just hoping for some inspiration or advice for how to get over this hump, I'm sure you guys have been there too, thanks for listening

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    Iíve hit a few plateaus they suck for sure. But i try to get more aggressive in diet to get past them. My body seems to be stubborn so I have to be too.

    Everyone is different but works for me is counting calories and getting 45-60 minutes of cardio 6-7 times a week. I think the almost daily cardio whether itís actually biking, spinning, elliptical etc. is key for me. I think it stokes my metabolism.

    Just keep plugging away!

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    First, congrats on the weight loss! You've made the hardest step... Getting started...

    A couple of thoughts...

    I think what you eat matters also...
    I think simple carbs are the root of all evil! I avoid them... Eat raw veggies more... Lots of vitamins and fiber!


    Try to get at least three cardio sessions a week in. Ideally four... Length isn't as important as frequency and intensity. In addition to cycling there's running and swimming... Both are great cardio workouts. Do not let life get in the way of your goals! If you're gassed by the end of the day get up early.I leave the house at 6:45 am to drop my son at school and ~7:10 to drop my daughter at school. Then off to work... Now with limited daylight I'll need to start running again. I'll leave my house at 5:00am to get a run in which, of course makes me worthless by ~9pm. But who cares. That's generally throw away time anyhow. A heart rate monitor is a good tool for tracking effort. It can also be used for intervals when you're ready for them...

    When I dropped my weight I tracked my weight every day right after my morning shower. It's the most consisant time to weigh yourself. Based on my weight I would get feedback on many things that affected my weight.

    Look at your diet... I bet there is one thing you eat that you can cut out to help you along. Cut it out and you'll be on your way down again... I got rid of beer, soda, cheese, bread (and it's associated friends, chips, crackers etc...) this way.

    I went from well over 300lbs down to 203 and now reside between 210 and 215 this way.

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    Your body has adapted to the stress you added, you need to add more stress, more work. Try adding some other type of activity to mix it up and keep it fresh.

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    I'm using my fitness pal as well, and I'm in Engineering school as well as juggling a family and work, so I understand your "Stress" factor. Whenever I start to plateau, I just try to take the error out of my calorie counting and push myself to get the workouts in. It's really easy to start letting that "2 tbsp whatever..." turn into "that looks like 2 tbsp" when it's really 3 or 4, and so on. I'm bad about that, so I have to be strict about my logging.

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    I started at the beginning of this year at 265lbs. I am down to ~230 and have been on a bit of a rocky plateau for about a month and a half. I got the first 35 off by counting calories, eating healthy in 6 small meals daily, and working out, mostly upper body stuff. When I first started riding I was at ~225 and I actually went up in weight when I started riding a lot. I was adding a lot of bulk in my legs which were a bit underdeveloped. I let my calorie counting slide a little and started drinking the proper amount of water as well which worked against me weight wise. I was loosing fat fairly consistently, its just that my weight plateaued because I was putting on muscle and retaining a bit more water. I just had to stick with it and trust that it was working. I'm also mixing up my workouts by sticking with weight training and adding yoga in at least once a week. I'm back on my slow downward trend and am down a pant size even though I'm pretty much even on weight.

    Definitely mix up your workouts. Your body gets used to things if there is too much of a routine and doesn't react to them nearly as much if at all. If you just bike you are only working specific muscle groups. These muscle groups will only build so much before they get used to the work and don't respond. Try mixing up your diet as well. Still watch your calorie intake but try and get creative with your cuisine. I find that the same foods day in and day out tend to put me in a rut and get me cheating. Mixing in spicier foods tends to wake my body up and get my energy going as well.

    Anyway, keep moving forward and if something isn't working then try making some changes until things get moving again. Also keep in mind that weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time and a lot of effort. 25lbs in 6-8 months is good weight loss and a huge step in the right direction. I know it took me years to get where I was and I am under no illusions that it may take me years to completely get back where I want to be. I just have to commit to it because I want this change in my life.

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