I am very much so a Clydesdale 5'11" 290 lbs. I currently ride a 2008 Iron Horse Warrior 1.3. Through the years I have broken her a few times and generally put her through a lot of abuse. I like to ride single track and have been gradually getting into the harder trails. Granted, I'm fat and out of shape but I am pretty good at it and am outgrowing what the bike itself is capable of.

I tend to end up riding alone because I don't like holding others back. If I do meetups this is bound to happen and I'll feel like a turd. I have friends (who are also out of shape/inexperienced bikers) who would ride with me but they are broke asses and don't have/cant afford bikes. So I'm thinking of upgrading and using my current bike as the loner, that way I have some company. Other than becoming a better rider this is also a weight loss thing, I want to really dive into this and get my weight back down. Other types of cardio are mostly off the table for me. I busted my knee very badly while I was in the Army and am limited on the amount of impact it can take.. hence my rotund appearance.

To my question... I have the ability to get a new, never ridden (outside of test rides) 2010 Fuji Reveal 3.0 which did retail at 1,600 for about 800 bucks. With my size and the type of riding that I do will this bike fall apart on me? I don't do crazy stuff mostly because my fitness or lack thereof holds me back but I don't usually ride soft trails either. I'm somewhere in the middle. Ill post the statistics of the bike below.

TL;DR I'm a fatty and I would like to know if a Fuji Reveal 3.0 would handle me.