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    SC Bronson Clydes

    Are any of you fellow Clydes riding a SC Bronson? I'm really looking hard at this bike but want to wait and see what Pivot releases besides the firebird in 27.5. If Pivot doesn't release a Mach 5.7C with 27.5 wheels I'm ordering a Bronson carbon. I did a demo on the Pivot mach 5.7C and loved the bike! I was within the shock specs with 275lbs shock and 135lbs fork.
    I'm 6' 295lbs and want to see what kind of pressures clydes are running on their Bronsons compared to their weight.

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    Pivot are bringing out the Mach 6. 650b wheels, 155mm rear travel

    Fresh Product: Pivot Cycles 2014 Mach 6 #froth | Flow Mountain Bike

    Don't know when, sorry.
    Looks awesome

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