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    Saddle options for the wide hyneied Clyde

    I was out ridding my Pugs Saturday and have come to the conclusion that I need a more supportive seat, what are my fellow Clyde's ridding?


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    I'm also looking for this info and found some good stuff via the search. but would like to hear more from the general population. im 6'4 and right at 300 with out my gear on. i have a 148mm butt last time i was fitted. any recommendations would be appreciated

    the Brooks B17
    the WTB virgo has replaceable rails

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    My favorite's an older (no longer available) Specialized hybrid saddle (see attachment), with springs. It's the most comfortable saddle I've ever used. I've been searching for someone with NOS of this item, but beyond eBay, I don't know enough to know where to look. Its on my '91 Diamondback Override hybrid.
    On my "trail bike," I've got a cheap Sunlite Cloud-9 comfort saddle. It's not as comfortable as the Specialized, but on the trail, I don't get to sit enough for it to matter. If you're like me, and don't care what anyone thinks, the Sunlite's plenty wide enough for my big butt, and it's loads more comfortable than the Surfas hybrid saddle it replaced.
    If you're someone that keeps your bike spotless, excuse the pic. I went out riding today, and didn't clean the bike up afterwards.
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    Guys, I'm new to the forum and mountain biking in general but will tell you my experience with saddles. I bought a 2013 Rockhopper a month ago and couldn't get past 4 miles of riding due to the discomfort (pain!) from the stock saddle. My local bike shop fitted me with a Specialized Milano saddle and it has been great. I rode 8 miles at the local spot last night and probably could have done a couple more. On top of the saddle I purchased a pair of biking shorts which made a huge difference as well. I'm 5'-11" and pushing 270 lbs with a fairly broad frame.

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    The Milano is a nice saddle (my current choice). I would also recommend paying attention to HOW you are sitting on the saddle. I had issues with my coccyx hurting after rides. I first blamed the wrong width saddle or that it wasn't padded enough. The problem was with how I was sitting on the saddle.

    It is a saddle. It is not a chair.

    If you are putting your weight on your pelvis like you would sitting in a chair, you are destined to be in pain. I had to learn to rotate the top of my pelvis forward so that I would be "sitting" on the correct part of my sit bones.

    How to sit on the saddle

    That has a decent picture of the sitting. If your pelvis is perpendicular to the saddle, you will have trouble finding a good seat. If your pelvis is leaning slightly forward (like the bottom picture in the linked post above), you will find it MUCH easier to not hate your ass after riding.
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    I just picked up a brooks b17 and LOVE it already... it will only get better.

    prior to this the best fit saddle I'd found was the stock redline saddle (made by velo) that came on my d440, I bent the rails in a crash so found someone who had a monocog and bought the saddle off him... I prob need to find another with my new bike as I can't afford another brooks
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    Re: Saddle options for the wide hyneied Clyde

    I have a wtb laser pro v that I like have not had any issues with it and fits my measurement well. I lost my pedals and landed hard on the saddle and bent both rails though.

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    Get one of the "cheap"SMP saddles. Wide, cumphy, great.
    Trekking is one of their wider models.

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    Chances are .. You're full of !$@&?

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    I haven't tried padded shorts yet,but that might help from what I hear.
    Maybe the added length of downhill saddles might help too...if saddle length is a concern.

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    I use a shadow conspiracy crow seat (made for bmx) at 350# its oversized rails have yet to bend, the seat is comfy and they come in different colors and what not. Not to mention they take a huge amount of abuse. I admit this may not be for everyone, but it seems to have helped my pains in the butt. :P

    Edit: sorry about size. not too great at shrinking them

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    The most comfortable saddle I've ever had is a cheap WTB Speed V. It's 145mm wide and just flat out fits my arse right! It came stock on my first cheap bike. I've bent the rails and straightened them back out once or twice. It's not a top end piece of equipment, but I don't need padded shorts with it at all, ever, for as long of a ride I've ever done. I hate that it's heavy and kind of big/bulky, but it just fits so nicely. I've heard the Laser V is a close fit size wise and much better quality....might try one someday.

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    I've got a Brooks B17, WTB Silverado & WTB SpeedV

    Riding all on padded shorts, I'd rate them exactly in that same order for comfort.

    The Brooks is still relatively new, so it's still breaking in.
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