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    RS Sektor RL vs Marz 55 R

    I am looking for a new fork and I have found 2 that fit the bill. The rockshox sektor RL dual position coil and the Marzocchi 55R and wanted to see if any clyde's had experience with either.

    I am 6'4 +230lbs and the fork will be going on my AM bike that I use on the black diamond singletracks in North Lake Tahoe.

    I like the sektor because it has dual position 120mm to 150mm and lockout which will be very handy on the high altitude climbs and it is about a pound lighter than the Marz 55. It also has motion control rebound (of coarse) and low speed compression which would be a nice feature. I am concerned with it only having 32mm stations and a 15mm TA However my experience with rockshox is that they are very stiff due to the power bulge oversize bushing even with smaller stations.

    The Marz 55 R has a lot less features with only rebound adjust and is stuck at 160mm. No compression adjust, travel adjust or lock out. But the 55 does have stiff 35mm stations, a 20mm TA and a nifty air preload, which would be nice given my weight.

    Any thoughts regarding the two options for a big guy on rough terrain would be great. Mainly if you guys think the lighter sektor's 32mm stations with oversized bushings and 15mm TA would be stiff enough, or if I should suck it up with less features (and on the climbs) and go with the heavier Marz with stiffer 35mm stations and 20mm TA due to my weight and where the bike will be ridden.

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