• 03-02-2004
    Roll Call: How bigga boy are ya? What bike do you ride?
    Here's me, 225lbs buck naked after my mornin' constitutional (simmer down, not in the photo):

    <img src="http://picserver.org/view_image.php/16S2K11A79/picserver.jpeg">

    Here's my last bike:

    <img src="http://picserver.org/view_image.php/49B1RFP9T7/picserver.jpeg">
  • 03-02-2004
    Bigger than you........
    ......but smaller than some I'm sure. 6'2" tipping the scales at 245#, down from 270# in October thanks to the SBD. I won't scare you all with a photo of myself. Glad to see I'm not the only Cyde manly, or is it stupid enough to ride SS! I ride a KHS Solo-One with Avid mech disc up front on a Marzocchi MX PRO ETA fork and eggbeaters. It replaced My Redline that was cool but too small. I also sometimes double boing on my Trek Liquid 20 which I had to modify some for my weight with a Marzocchi Z1 FR SL and some other cool upgrades because I wanted to be different mostly.
    Nice bikes, did you actually build the Ti frame or custom order it and spec it yourself?
  • 03-02-2004
    At the moment I weigh 240 and here are my rides...........

    03' Big Hit Ex with Boxxer (soon to be an 03 Monster T)
    <img src=http://www.specialized.com/OA_MEDIA/2003/bikes/03BigHitExpert_d.jpg>

    04' Iron Horse Triumph upgraded w/ Ultegra Cranks, Shim 520 pedals.
    <img src=http://www.ironhorsebikes.com/images/products/road/triumph_left.jpg>
  • 03-03-2004
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    6'4" and 225lb riding a big ass Gemini. Here is a pic.
  • 03-03-2004
    Six foot, 220
    Just noticed this forum and what a nice surprize it is!

    I ride a custom steel SS.
    Just built a SC Chameleon freeride/XC hardtail that will be my hooligan bike.
    Have a carbon Look KG281 road bike.

    The real question for this forum is:

    What parts don't you break?

  • 03-03-2004
    6'1" / 220 lbs..............:D

    My bikes (minus my SS which I don't have a pic for yet)

  • 03-03-2004
    Wow...a forum just for us! Sweeet.

    I'm 6'5" and currently 238.

    Runnin' a Sofa King Ti King Pin 26" wheeler...SS 'natch.

    Roadie is Giant TCR-1.

    Commuter old Specialized Stumpy 1X7.
  • 03-03-2004
    kept man
    5'11" and 213 lbs ...
    ... usually i just round up to 215, but as i'm trying to get down to 200, now every pound counts, y'know?

    i can't be bothered to post pics of my bikes, as i really should be doing something else right now, but they are (in no particular order):

    - cannondale 'cross as my road bike/ commuter (older, basic model: no headshok or discs)

    - brodie kinetic (al hardtail), newly converted to ss

    - planet x new jack flash - latest addition, is a "learn to do trials/play bike"

    and i gotta say, as crazy as ss is even for we 'entry level' clydes, trying to do trials tricks (or at least trying to learn them) seems just as ridiculous to my battered bod. besides the heavy breathing aspect, i haven't looked this beat up since football back in school.
  • 03-03-2004
    Green Giant
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    Not feeling so big now
    5'10 210ish, on my way down I hope.

    Here is the X5 in it's current state. Wheels, headset, seatclamp for sale in classifieds and ebay... they are new.
  • 03-03-2004
    6'2" and 265lbs (hopefully can get back down to 235lbs soon). Will post photo's as soon as the kid across the street shows me how.
    PW#10 PISSOFF fox F100X XTR(will ride the most soon)
    Seven Duo fox vanilla 125 RLC XTR
    Seven CX Dura ace(ride the most at the moment)
    Seven Tri Dura ace
    Seven S8 road Dura ace
    Spot SS XT
  • 03-03-2004
    6'5", 215.... I'll let you know when I drop out of clydesdale in mid summer.

  • 03-03-2004
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    6', 225#, down from 280# in Oct...
  • 03-03-2004
    6'2" and 260lbs. Right now ridin a Homegrown HT, hopefully new Chamuco soon.
  • 03-03-2004
    Green Giant
    55 lbs in 5 months, nice

    Originally Posted by Xyzzy
    6', 225#, down from 280# in Oct...

    how did ya do it?
  • 03-03-2004

    Originally Posted by george_da_trog
    6'5", 215.... I'll let you know when I drop out of clydesdale in mid summer. george

    QUESTION: What is the *official* threshhold for the Clydesdale category?
  • 03-03-2004

    Originally Posted by AZClydesdale
    QUESTION: What is the *official* threshhold for the Clydesdale category?

    I believe it's 200 lbs.


    A 6'4", 210 Heckler owner.
  • 03-03-2004
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    6' 5" - 270lbs
    Me and the rig...
  • 03-03-2004
    mini-clyde here...
    I'm 5'11" and about 205. am i bordering on normal? Anyway, what i lack in weight i make up for in bad lines and poor form. currently riding a K2 evo with a stratos helix rear and EXR front, Spec. Enduro with a helix rear and Z3 front and a K2 attack with a noleen rear and marz frankenfork front as a commuter. I could loose 25lbs and dress in spandex, but then i have no goals in life. better to keep the weight as have something to strive for.
  • 03-03-2004
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    5'7" and 355
    I'm the shortest / biggest so far.

    I ride a Gary Fisher OCLV frame with a bombproof Chris King / Rhyno Lite / straight guage / brass nipple wheelset. A Fox TerraLogic fork is up front, and the drivetrain is XTR. I've got an Avid mechanical disk up front and Avid Single Digit rear V's.

    I'll post photos later today.

    I've been working on a Clydesdale website for a bit, as well. The MTBR forum will probably see a lot more traffic. :)

  • 03-03-2004
    Another short guy
    I am 5'8", and around 215# right now, down from 240# last Thanksgiving (here in the USA). I mainly ride my singlespeed now, but I also own a 2000 Ellsworth Truth, a Kona Jake the Snake, and a Indy Fab Crown Jewel, and a Giant TCR converted to fixie/single soon. Here is a pic of me on my old surly.

    and a pic of my new bike, 2004 ExploSSif frame from Kona. 2001 Crossmax Disc, XTR cranks with Jericho ring, Shimano BMX cog, 2001 X-fly, Hayes Mag Plus (ooh!! carbon levers, ooh!!), and big Geax tires. I have since switched to a rigid post, maybe after watching my QQQQ teammate xrmattaz kick my but with out any suspension, but I won't give up the forks.

    I think with Matt and myself, along with LakeRaven and Ken in KC, we might have had the only SS Clydesdale team at the 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo. That would me we would have come in first if they made a category for us.
  • 03-03-2004
    6' and weighing in at #235. Hopefully that will change a bit once the weather gets a bit nicer here. Rode a 97 Fisher Kaitai until the end of last season. With the blessing from the wife, I'm in the process of building an Airborne Black Widow. Can't wait to finish it up and take it out for the maiden voyage.
  • 03-03-2004
    Looks like I am about average???
    6'2' and 245.
    Schwinn Moab 1 w/ no stock parts, hopefully upgrading soon. Also working on a Moab 2 SS for the last year, as you can see from the time I have taken to put it together I am not in a big hurry to induce that kinda pain.
  • 03-03-2004
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    Hopefully i'll make it back down to 200-205 once i can start riding 3x per week. I was up to 235 last year before going on the South Beach diet and riding my @ss off (literally).

    My ride (had it for a month and love it):
  • 03-03-2004
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    Here are my Rides and pict of me and my better half after a half-century. I am 6' and 225, hopefully in a few months I will be 199 and not a Clyde (only been saying that for 1 year). Unlike some guys, I don't seem to break stuff. I must not ride agressively enough or I'm just smooth.
  • 03-03-2004

    Originally Posted by AZClydesdale
    QUESTION: What is the *official* threshhold for the Clydesdale category?

    From the www.usa-clydesdale.com website:


    Who is a Clydesdale Athlete?

    A Clydesdale Athlete is usually defined as any male athlete over 200lbs and any women athlete over 145lbs (aka Athena's).
  • 03-03-2004
    6'-7" 225

    custom Edge singlespeed

    custom Edge full suspension

    '99 Team Marin (rigid)

    Y2K Schwinn Cruiser Supreme (22" frame)
  • 03-03-2004
    6'6" 270lbs....
    ...before I put on any gear. ;)

    Ride a 2001 Cove Stiffee FR with a Z3 QR20, BIG FAT MAMOTH Wheels and cheep, heavy (strong) parts everywhere else. (35lbs Hardtail) It is my do everything bike, from XC to the Whistler Bike Park! :D

    sh0rty :P
  • 03-03-2004
    202#, 6'1"...
    ...and someday I'll break that magic 199 barrier just to prove to myself I can do it.

    <img src="http://gallery.consumerreview.com/webcrossing/images/fanatic(1).jpg">

    My current stable consists of three bikes:

    For winter riding I rely primarily on my Van Dessel Buzz Bomb. It's a 29"er (all you big guys <u><i>need</i></u> to try a 29"er) and it rocks in the mud.

    White Brothers CX-1 air fork, 2.1" WTB Nanoraptors, Avid 185/165 discs, Thudbuster, F&R Fenders, and who can forget the Rohloff Speedhub.

    If I get to it before my edit times out I'll update this picture with the current 31.8 bar setup: Ritchey aluminum "Rizer" and Titec RIP stem, along with LP ends.

    The rims are heavy mofos from Alex -- G4000 me thinks? -- and over 700g apiece. That doesn't automatically mean they're strong, just heavy.

    My next full suspension bike is sure to be a 29"er, but that's probably going to be a ways off.

    <img src="http://gallery.consumerreview.com/webcrossing/images/bbsh(2).jpg">

    My other pride and joy is my Iron Horse Hollowpoint. Yeah, it's got tiny 26" wheels, but it's a fun bike all the same.

    Manitou X-Vert Air up front and Cane Creek AD12 in the rear (can you tell I'm an air shock fan?) with 2.4" Mutanoraptor in front and my old standby, Continental Traction Pro 2.1 in the rear.

    I went with a medium frame on this one because of cockpit length, and therefore have to go with way too much seatpost extension coupled with a high rise (25 rise) stem plus 1.5" of spacers underneath it. This is so I could run my Titec Hellbent Flat Tracker, whereas a riser bar could have eliminated spacers and/or stem rise.

    I'm also running Avid 185/165 discs on this one, along with a Rohloff Speedhub, and while I had to rebuild the Sun DS1XC front rim after it completely untensioned on me, the Velocity Aero Heat in the rear benefits from the wide, symmetrical build the Speedhub offers and has been completely bulletproof.

    <img src="http://gallery.consumerreview.com/webcrossing/images/hpsh(11).jpg">

    Then I gots my "town bike" -- it ain't really a road bike due to the narrow gearing on account of the Nexus gear hub -- and to be honest, I don't know how the runs stand up to any abuse with the skinny little high pressure tires.

    The theory behind this bike is that it consists of a collection of cheap components and can easily be locked up without too much fear of parts being stolen off of it. Theory hasn't been fully tested yet (haven't left it chained up overnight in SF). Kinda screams for attention though, doesn't it?

    But heck, this is a mountain bike forum, so who cares! Here's a pic.

    <img src="http://gallery.consumerreview.com/webcrossing/images/sux7(4).jpg">
  • 03-03-2004
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    6' 4" at 220 right now, without the gear.

    My favorite ride is my custom B-29. I also have a 21" Ventana Salty which I'm probably parting with since a custom racer x 29er order is about to be placed. Yes, "taller" riders do need to try a 29er.

    Very cool to have the Clyde forum!!
  • 03-03-2004
    6'4"/ 220 Newbie, Riding a Raleigh M80-disc in upstate NY.Nothings broke...yet.
  • 03-03-2004
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    6'3" ~215 or so
    the king of all trials rigs Koxx Levelboss 1100

    first time posting a pic. lets see if I got it right.
  • 03-03-2004
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    Prep H riding my trusty racer-x.

  • 03-03-2004
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    Pima and Dynamite...
    Sonoran Desert Rat
  • 03-03-2004
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    6' 4", 210 riding an '02 19.5 Marin Trail Pro with a 150 stem, heavy Fox springage. Nice to be oversprung!
  • 03-03-2004
    6'5" 225-235 summer/winter
    Riding a Salty, with Z1 and quad bearings.
  • 03-03-2004
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    Just a wee Clydesdale at 6', 205# (and I struggle not to drop to 195# by the end of riding season). Here I am last summer on my ElSalty, which I've since snapped and replaced w/ an X-5. (fingers crossed as I upload the pic)
  • 03-03-2004
    No longer a member
    thanks to my mountain bike. I'm 6'; weighed 202 last June when I got my bike (Trek 4300). Since then I've kept myself under 195, working to get under 190. My Trek is getting a well-deserved rest while I've been playing with a Mt Tam 29er. Mostly on the road with the ample snow falling this year (for a change).

    Reno, NV
  • 03-03-2004
    6'5" and 235 now....
    In season, probably 215 at best.

    bikes? A custom 29" by Rick Hunter. EBB, SS, avid 185/160 discs, XTR parts and DT/Salsa wheels. Also a WTB Phoenix as my classic, never sell bike, and an old Trek roadie i converted to a 'cross/fixxy for commuting. I'm expecting a new Scandium Kona Jake the Snake for next cross season that I'll set up SS style. I'm in between roadies now too. I'm considering building my own roadie if I can find the time....
  • 03-03-2004
    5' 9" 230# - losing % BF day by day ...
    ... but not losing much mass, yet.

    Not sure how I feel about that.

    Riding '03 QuasiMoto, Vanillla RC shox, Vanilla RLC forx, CK Hubs with HD driveshell, MaxM bar, 2.4" tires, other bits.

    <a href="http://www.tertius.com/TheJumps/tjump/cycling/images/bear_quasi.jpg"><img src="http://www.tertius.com/TheJumps/tjump/cycling/images/bear_quasi_s.jpg" alt="quasi pic"></a>
  • 03-03-2004
    I am 6'5" and currently weigh 225lbs down from 260lbs since fall
    I ride steel. Singlespeed, cyclocross, and hardtail. Mostly singlespeed and cyclocross on the trail. I consider getting a full suspension bike every year, but can't seem to pull the trigger. I like carbs and unfiltered beer. I am a southern California native and moved to the Front Range, CO. a year ago today. Love Colorado. I don't break everything, just wheels and my own bones. When I crash...I crash hard and the ground does shake.

    I'm glad to see this forum born.....there are lots of big boys out there getting it on.
  • 03-03-2004
    5'11" 230 lbs.
    Down from 260 lbs. this summer. Got a Trek 4500 in September. Riding 3-5 times a week got rid of it--and I haven't even changed my eating habits :D Haven't broken anything on the Trek yet. Upgrading to FS in May. Thinking about either a SC Heckler, a Trek Liquid or a Giant VT. Any suggestions from my more experienced "clydesdale" brothers?? I want to try to stay around $2500 or less. ANY suggestions or ideas will be MUCH appreciated. :)
  • 03-03-2004
    I am 6'6" and weigh around 290 pounds. I plan on getting a Haro 8.3 sometime this year.
  • 03-03-2004
    I guess I better check in...

    6"2" ~225 pounds shooting for 210.

    Jamis Dakota XC (Steel HT)
    Turner 5 Spot

    Both built with burly-ish stuff Lovin' the ridin' thing to no end!
  • 03-03-2004
    5'10" , 227lbs - as soon as my ACL surgery heals a bit more I'll be riding my '04 Stumpy FSR
  • 03-03-2004
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    No more training wheels for me...
    Clydesdale here at 6'4" and 213 pounds.

    What's the ride? No more weenie wheels or training wheels for me. ;-) It's a two niner all the way with a Surly Karate Monkey built to my taste with the usual goodies:
  • 03-03-2004
    wow deja vu for me, I think I said this last night.

    250#, 6' ok,ok, 5'11+3/4. so I'm not big, I'm fat. hey, its like built in crash padding.

    Heckler. overkill for FL? not for a fatty.
  • 03-03-2004
    6'2" 265lbs
    I'm starting a new category-the Super Clydesdale-250+! We'll get special treatment during races-like-we'll be timed in 1 mile segments and then be forced to inhale Krispy Kreme's at certain checkpoints and then swill down a thick ale before we get back on the bike. And of course, at the finish line there will be a huge couch and a big screen tv with Anna Nicole Smith-our sister in spirit!

    Bikes: Santa Cruz Blur (too noodly for me-selling)
    Turner XCE
    Sweet Ass Surly 1x1
    Santa Cruz Bullit (my personal fave)
    Just ordred: Ventana La Bruja & X5 to replace my Blur.

    Maybe if I spent as much time riding as I do buying and selling bikes I'd be a little guy!
    Doubt it! I'm Bench Pressing over 400lbs-so I'm allowed to be big!
  • 03-03-2004
    5' 11" 225-230 damm that is 40 more pounds than I was in 98. yikes!

    I ride an Access XCL; yeah the light and cheap one.
    Really want a Ventana, but am underemployed at the moment.

    PattD made me cry!
  • 03-03-2004
    6'0", 215 lbs, Santa Cruz Superlight, Bianchi SISS.
  • 03-03-2004
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    5'11" 260 and just ordered one of these