I recently upgraded from a 2013 Giant Talon 29er to a 17 Giant Trance Advanced 2. Wasn't sure about the carbon, but man every time I carry it, then my wife's bike it's an amazing difference. I looked for a long time, decided on the 2 due to SRAM/Rockshox being more fat boy friendly. Currently have the sag set to 28% rear, 31% front with no tokens as of yet. Still have quite a bit of pressure left before hitting the max.

I'm 6'4, 300ish (Dropping quickly now that I'm riding again). My wife's Liv Hail laying on the ground..

Also having tree issues. Clipped that one last night on a blind corner.

So far to make the bike fit me more, I've switched to a Deity Skyline 787mm bar, 40mm (No name) stem, Deity grips, and a Fabric Titanium Scoop in Shallow.