• 04-21-2016
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    I am 5'10, 265lb... I ride a Stache7 29+ and a Niner Air9Carbon :)Attachment 1065274Attachment 1065277
  • 04-23-2016
    RC51 RIDER
    6'8 and 285 riding a Giant Revel 29er XL or 22"frame and loving the rides to work and home for exercise 10 miles round trip !.....

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  • 04-24-2016
    6,1 and 260 riding a rockstar TITUS and love it. Goal is 220.

    But just for a change I'm running next week the MS150

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  • 05-02-2016
    Hi again. I'm 6'7" and 255lbs. Was 215lbs when I posted here three years ago and would like to get somewhere near that again, as I just signed up for a 6hr race at the end of August.

    Will be entering the veteran/singlespeed class and riding my Talbot Frameworks 29er.

  • 05-19-2016
    New Here, 6'2 310 lbs. Just bought a Specialized Fuse 6fattie. I am picking it up from the shop tomorrow. Ill post some pics when i am able to get it out on the dirt. Really excited to get this thing muddy and enjoy the ride.
  • 05-26-2016
    6'6" 325ish. Currently ride an old GT Outpost that I've had since I was 16. Looking to replace it with something that doesn't feel small, or creek/squeak as I ride.
  • 05-27-2016
    6'2. 289. Riding a GT Zaskar

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  • 05-28-2016
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    6'2" and 205lbs, got back into cycling in 2014 after quitting smoking in 2012. Getting back into riding here in the mountains (lived in south TX when I was into it before) was a rude awakening for sure, but I'm all about it now, get better every season, and my motorcycles collect dust.

    2016 Trek Fuel EX 9 29er
    Soma B side SS
    Gravity Deadeye Monster SS fattie
    Haro Steel Reserve 1.2 dirt jumper
    Trek Domane 4.3 disc road bike
  • 05-29-2016
    First 29er and first time on a mtb in 8 Years
    I am 6'5" at 290. Just picked up a Specialized Crave Comp 29er XXL.
  • 06-06-2016
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    Stumbling across this forum has got me pumped up for getting back into riding. Currently sitting at 295 and 6'1 but wanting to get to 200 as my goal.

    Went and got myself a Fuse Fattie after starting back out riding on my 07 Jamis XLT which was too small and well loved. Found my love for cycling again and now where I live we have more trail access than ever before.
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  • 06-08-2016
    I'm currently 6'1", 235lbs, riding an XL 2014 Transition Bandit 29er.
  • 06-08-2016
    I'm 5'10" and 217lbs. I started riding last year at 257lbs, broke my arm the end of last August and couldn't ride for about six months - weighed about 227, but went up to 238. Started riding hard about two months ago and dropped to where I'm at now. Shooting to hit 200lbs sometime soon. Also, just picked up this 2016 Kona Process 153DL a couple days ago.

  • 06-09-2016
    I am 6'8", 300 lbs. I ride a 2012 Trek Marlin 29er with 2.3s on both wheels.

    This is problematic, as it is almost too big for the frame, and as a result, i cant use inner ring without the front derailleur grinding on the back tire. This is no big deal, as it grips so nice and i don't use inner ring in eastern Virginia anyway.

    Goal when i have more money is an Ice Cream Truck.
  • 06-14-2016
    Hello, 6'2.5" (every half inch counts! ;) and 260 pounds. Thinnest I've ever been is 220; big boned/solid frame; rarely meet anyone with hands the size of mine! I was 220 from 14 to 35, then injury and laziness took it's toll. And too much beer!

    Currently living in the UK and after 8 years of no cycling returning to it with the incentive of a new frame build up of a Cotic Solaris; pretty binary views on them when researching here, but I love the look, the brand, and that it is a small hand-made English firm with excellent customer service :D

    Get the XL grey frame this Friday! :)

    I love this forum, it is the ONLY place I've found on the net that answers some of the constant questions I've had - which dropper post etc.. :thumbsup:
  • 06-22-2016
    6'5", 225 lbs riding a Santa Cruz Tall Boy (aptly named!) Carbon XXL frame
    Finally, a perfect fit for me that's super comfortable to ride in all conditions!
  • 06-23-2016
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    5' 11" probably around 230 lbs (its been a while sense I actually stepped on a scale)

    Currently riding Gravity Bullseye Monster.
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  • 07-01-2016
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    6'6" here and around 200lbs and these are my 36er bikes! If you have tall friends, send them to me. I fabricate these for even taller mates! :)

    Attachment 1079702

    Attachment 1079703
  • 07-01-2016

    Originally Posted by RJ2016 View Post
    Im 6'11"/285lbs and just barely literally getting into mountain biking and have no idea what the $h!+ to ride! Help a fellow gargantuan brother out. Heard of oversized xxxl frames from Zinn bikes and Maxx bikes, but seriously need some guidance. Did just get my wife a 2005 Specialized Hardrock Comp Disc in brand new shape, now we're scouring something for me. Heard good things about Specialized, Santa Cruz, Fuji...

    mmmm... ok I will mention DirtySixer bikes then! :)
  • 07-01-2016

    Originally Posted by davidfrench View Post
    6'6" here and around 200lbs and these are my 36er bikes! If you have tall friends, send them to me. I fabricate these for even taller mates! :)

    Attachment 1079703

    Whoever this guy is, where is his Helmet, gloves, shorts, kneepads and bike shoes? :)
  • 07-01-2016
    It's me! :)
    yeah, Santa Cruz CA, riding style. Went out for casual ride and ended up on the trails, my wife helping me shoot some pics...
    I usually get ATGATT when I ride...
  • 07-01-2016
    I am 6'0 380 former Field and track thrower. I was finally able to pull the trigger and get me a bike. I swear there are way to many options for bikes. My new bike is a Diamondback Mason Trail 27.5+ it coming next week and My friend is putting it together for me at his shop.

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  • 07-01-2016
    6'4" and 220 lbs. I'm looking to drop some lbs, that's what I'm here for!
  • 07-01-2016
    Me too, bro. As soon as I get my 10 replys in...
  • 07-04-2016
    Big Rigger
    6'5" 240lbs.(down from 272 on Apr.2) and just bought a new Specialized Hardrock 29er. XL frame with V brakes and i believe its a 2014.
  • 07-04-2016
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    6'2" 265-270ish and I ride a 16 Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29er. Since I got it I swapped the seat to an WTB tossed the stock pedals for some Spec Bennies and tossed the Suntour fork for a Manitou Marvel Pro. Looking to go 1x11 with it and upgrade here and there.

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  • 07-27-2016
    Hello All,

    I'm 5'9" and sittting at 276lb currently. Don't ride just yet but have decided to change my lifestyle and drop some extra baggage. I tried the running/jogging/walking....just end up on the couch thing. I used to ride as a kid all the time with a NEXT mountain bike (not usre what kind). I needed something that got me out moving more and figured I would turn back to this. Any suggestions on bikes to help the born-again rider is appreciated.

  • 07-31-2016
    I'm 6'5" and have been losing weight currently at 265 but would like a bike that supports at least 300 to be safe. I am interested in the Specialized Fatboy, Specialized Fuse, or The Trek Stache. Anyone that's big have any experience with those?

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  • 07-31-2016
    I am 270 and ride a Stache 5 and haven't had a problem with it. Fun bike.
  • 07-31-2016
    I am 240 and I have a GT Backwoods and a Charge Plug. Love the mtb, but I have been spending more time on the roadie lately. It was a birthday gift from the wife.

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  • 08-01-2016
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    6 4, 300 on a Kingdom Vendetta Plus
    I am 6' 4" and around 300 pounds. I am absolutely loving my Kingdom Vendetta Plus with boost hubs and 2.8 tires. I would recommend this HT to any big boy (or normal sized guy) who enjoys a smooth, comfortable ride even without rear suspension. I am over the limit of most full suspension rear shocks. It would cost me $3000 dollars to have a custom coil made for an 11-6.....my goal is to get down to 250 so I can put an 11-6 on my full suss Kingdom Hex.
  • 08-02-2016
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    6'2 285lb riding a 27.5'' Pitch
    Just got my 2017 Specialized Pitch ..Matte Black / Blue..27.5'' XL frame with fork lockout for $525.00..:eekster:

    Fast bike and fun..great work out.. :thumbsup:Attachment 1085646Attachment 1085647
  • 08-10-2016
    Really pleased to see this section. I am nothing special on this thread at 6'4'' and 270 but I hardly ever see anyone my size when I am riding

    I have several bikes in my garage 2016 Kona Honzo ST, 2010 Specialized Demo, 2012/2015 Kona HeiHei (frame replaced on warranty), 2014 Norco Bigfoot, 1995 Kona Caldera, 2012 Kona Kahuna.

    I think my current favorite is the Honzo, it is a blast to ride in most conditions.

    I found this section searching for information about stronger more durable freehubs as I am terrible bike destroyer. I built my Honzo in June and have already wrecked a rear wheel, two shimano freehubs and a bottom bracket.
  • 08-12-2016
    6'3", 250. Just picked up my first bike in over 25 years. Got a Fuji Nevada 1.7 29er HT. Forgot how much fun this is. Instantly bit by upgradeitis when I realized all the stock parts are, eh, less than stellar. Between this, golf, and motorcycles, I need to find a hobby that isn't so $$$.
  • 08-12-2016
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    6'2" 258. Bikes in my sig. plus just ordered a Kona Private Jake SSCX frame to build up.

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  • 08-22-2016
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    6.6 and only 270. Love it. I got back in to riding 6 years ago. Had a Trek 8000. now have a 13 Scott Spark XL. Love the squish bike. Took a wile to dial in the suspension.
  • 08-23-2016
    5'10" 240lb, yup that big

    Intense Tracer 275a, pro build, 2015
    Trek Fuel EX 29", P1 build, 2017
  • 08-25-2016
    6'2" 240lbs
    XC Ride 2014 Niner Rip 9 aluminum - Very plush for a big guy

    Downhill on a Specialized Demo
  • 08-29-2016
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    I am 6'4", 250 lbs, fairly lean. I try to ride daily, be it for commute or fun. My 2 main whips here:

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  • 08-29-2016

    Originally Posted by BullseyePrecision View Post
    I'm 6'5" and have been losing weight currently at 265 but would like a bike that supports at least 300 to be safe. I am interested in the Specialized Fatboy, Specialized Fuse, or The Trek Stache. Anyone that's big have any experience with those?

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    I am 6'3" and 300lbs running a Orbea Loki which very similar to fuse (if I hadn't gotten such a killer deal on my Loki I'd have a fuse) and have had great luck with it holding up to my big ass. The 27+ I feel works really well for big guys and the wheels have held up fine. If I recall they have the same fork also which has also held up much better then I expected
  • 08-31-2016
    Hey y'all its been a bit since I've been on here. I'm a 6'2 roadie at 220 right now working toward sub clyde! I've got a Motobecane HT 26er I've had a few years but I'd really like to upgrade to a full suspension 29er. I was at 250 in January, so I'm hopeful that adding MTN biking back in will help me push through that last 20lbs.
  • 09-01-2016
    I'm 6'1 and 260 and I'm riding a 20" Haro Flightline 29 Trail
  • 09-03-2016
    6" and currently at 245. I was at 325 9 months ago. Got a bike to help with the weight loss as the treadmill did not agree with my Achilles. Got myself a Genesis UAP 29er as a starter. Wanted to make sure I would enjoy it before spending big money. So far I've upgrade date pedals and saddle. Here's a pic before the upgrades

  • 09-14-2016
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    6'8" tall and 110kg. Just picked up my new ride, a Trek Fuel EX8 29er Attachment 1094316
  • 09-14-2016
    6' and 230 pounds. Just picked up a Kona Lava Dome last weekend. I'm gonna see if I like it enough before I spend the big bucks.
  • 09-14-2016
    6'5" on a good day and about 212 pounds. Ride a XL Kona Honzo!
  • 09-14-2016

    Originally Posted by cep_32 View Post
    6'8" tall and 110kg. Just picked up my new ride, a Trek Fuel EX8 29er Attachment 1094316

    What size frame did you go with?
  • 09-17-2016
    23". The first ride is planned for tomorrow morning. I suspect a shorter stem might be in order.
  • 09-25-2016
    Does Heckler fit you?
  • 09-25-2016
    Does your trek fit you?