I believe that I have narrowed my focus for a new fork to either the Rock Shox Revelation 426 or the Manitou Minute Elite Absolute...I have a few questions pertaining to both and would like some suggestions on which is more fitting...

Revelation 426 -
what is "u-turn" and remote capabilities?
an explanation of motion control...external floodgate and low-speed compression?
how is it adjusted from 100mm-130mm?
fitting for 250lbs?

Minute Elite Absolute -
what does air, rebound, and platform refer to?
which is better for a hardtail...120mm or 140mm?
how do you adjust the air pressure?
fitting for 250lbs?

a quick explanation...I have an older hardtail w/a Manitou SX (too soft for me) and would like to update the fork...the reason for the two selections is price ($400-500)...as for my typical riding i participate in mostly XC w/occassional mountain visits...

please recommend other forks as well...

thanks adam