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    Rental Bike Issue

    Hey - looking for your opinions on this.....

    Just did an mtb vacation with my friends and I was not able to take my bike along. So, I rented what the bike shop referred to as their 'premium' rental, which was a Specialized Stumpjumper with what appeared to be a very high end mix of parts, new xtr shifters, derailers, fox talas/triad fork and shocks, avid hydrolics, etc. When I filled out the rental sheet in the shop I noted that I weighed 215 and was 6'3". They showed me the mark on the frame as well as on the seatpost that referred to the highest level it could be at.

    Anyway, after a few hours on the trails (high speed, no drops other than easy 1 or 2 footers), the seat felt a little off, and sure enough the post was bent. I had no other choice but to finish up the ride and by the time I was done, it was just about ready to buckle.

    Like many of you I'm sure, I've bent many, mahy seatposts. In the early 90's I kept buying the latest 'bombproof' post and bending them until I found Thompsons. Now that's all I ride on all of my bikes, ridid and f/s, and I never have problems.

    When I get back to the shop they inform me that I need to pay for the seatpost, but that they'll only charge me their cost, $26. I did not agree with that, as I had paid for a 'premium' bike, that should perform better and have stronger parts than the standard rentals. They claim that no one else had ever bent one of the posts and that I probably did something crazy on the bike, which I had not. The rental agreement said I was responsible for any damage caused by anything 'beyond normal wear and tear'. I rode the exact same way I ride and have been riding for years, so I did nothing that was not normal for me (or likely anyone over 200lbs that rides a ton of xc trails). Because I did nothing beyond my normal riding, and due to the fact that I was riding a premium bike and had told them my height and weight, I should not be responsible for this part failing. They should be responsible for this and take up the issue with Specialized. (note - post was not up to its maxed height. model appears to be a stock 2014 butted alloy, black, 30.9 x 350mm).

    The only concession they made was that if Specialized would warranty it, they would refund me.

    Who would you say should be responsible for this part breaking? Thanks.

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    I am very curious about this seat post bending effort. I was about 220 when I was 14 and got my first mountain bike. I have been riding for the better part of the 20 years since then and my weight has gone as high as ~300. I have never bent a seat post. I have bent or broken just about everything else on a bike multiple times. How does one go about bending "many, many seatposts" and still walk? I can't imagine a seat post bending incident that would be part of a fun ride.

    It does sound to me like you got the screw from the bike shop though. I am not sure that there is much you can do about it, and I am almost certain it would be more effort than just coughing up the $26. The only recourse I know of is to just defer their business elsewhere by telling people not to go there.

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    I'm been over 200 (about 235 right now) and riding mountain bikes since '89 and I've also never bent a sent post. I've broken lots of things, and even a seatpost clamp lately, but never what you're describing.

    I'm not saying you're lying about not doing anything crazy on it, I'm sure your not, but I can see why they would suspect that. of course one persons crazy may not be anothers. you already said your "normal" riding involves bending lots of seatposts.

    I don't know, $26 sounds pretty reasonable to me. you bent the post. it's not like they're asking $200 for it. are you sure you're not just being defensive about it?


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    I Ride DH / XC and I'm 277 6'4" I have bent two Eastons $30.00 seat post and now ride with a Thompson Elite $70.00 never had a problem with it yet.

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    The bending is a combo of: weight (of course); height of seatpost (I have long legs and always max the post out); quality/thickness of the post, and the force exerted on the post. On the rental form I checked off the fact that I was advance/rode aggressively. Based on my profile, I doubt Specialized would recommend I ride with that post.

    I guess I could travel with my Thompson post, but it would need to be the same diameter as the rental bike specs. Oh well, such is the life of a clydesdale.
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    I have been up to 285, weigh 239 right now, and I have never bent a seat post. I have a Stumpy FSR with the Specialized seatpost and it seems very rigid to me. I have had them slide down a lot and I have broken cheap clamps trying to hold them up, but that's about it.

    As for the warranty, I would be surprised if they warranted it because the bike is "for hire" and most warranties exclude those situations. Obviously, they could claim it was from a customer and get it done. But if you want to talk about what's fair, well...

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    Gotta pay to play. I work at a shop that does demos and if I sent the bike out with a straight post and got it back bent I would do just as this shop has done. They have no insurance against damage and the renter assumes all damage that occurs while said bike is in their possession. Sucks, but that's the way it goes. The fact that they are only charging you cost is also a nice thing to do as they have every right to charge you full retail for the replacement costs.

    I am about 230lb, but have been breaking and bending posts since I was about 175lb. Inexpensive posts bend. For my personal bikes I get posts from a respected manufacturer.
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    that's the stupidest idea this side of pinkbike.

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    You could also try this

    you could rent the right bike for you and have it shipped to your destination and bike shop there. They could assemble for you.

    CompetitiveCyclist has a sweet program.
    Bunch of different manufactorers to pick from too.
    $200 for the week is a STEAL!

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