I got a used Reba and Iím playing with the settings. I took it for the first ride this weekend with pressure set at about 164+/167-, rebound close to the fastest, and compression fully open. I really loved the plushness compared to my old Marz. I blew through all the travel without harsh bottoming, so I guess that is good. OTOH, there seemed to a bit too much pedal bob.

Iím thinking of using more pressure, so I want to hear from the maximum pressure that they used in Reba or similar Dual Air Rockshox forks. I see Baine had his at 168/158.

Iím also wondering how I could maintain the majority of the plushness but get a little less pedal bob. Maybe close the compression damping a bit, or decrease negative air pressure. Iíll read Rainmanís Ďsetting your rebaí blog entry soon.