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    Question on 2013 reign x1 for 280-290lb

    OK so I have asked question both on here and at the lbs and get different anwsers so I decided to post in the clyde forum. I am going with the 2013 giant reign x1. Lbs says the shock will be fine for me at 5.10" and 280-290lbs. My question is how do I get the information on how much the max psi on the shock is. It has a Monarch Plus R (7.875x2.25) I believe. My riding style right now will be trail to a bit of am till I can get in better shape where I can make big drops. I know a coil over would be better, but I don't think I can swing the extra money for a coil over right away and they cant get the reign x2 which comes with one. So thinking at 25 to 30% sag will this be enough?

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    Air should be fine. I don't know enough about the Giant bikes and their recommended shock settings and such. Fox shocks max is 300.... and just a quick search turns up 275 on the Monarch.

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