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    Pike 454 U-turn air?

    Hi guys!

    I'm down to 185 lbs (yay! ), and I'm looking for a fork that's a bit more laterally stiff than my Fox Float RLC. Two years ago, I wouldn't have even given this a thought, but since everyone in this forum tends to let me know how much they can abuse parts (like me ), I'd figure I'd ask anyone here if they've ridden a Pike 454 Air with U-turn (no pop lock).

    The idea of riding with a 20mm thru-axel just seems like the way to go as I'm starting to do more jumps and go through technical sections faster. So I'm curious if this is a clyde-worthy fork. Most reviews are positive on it, but I've heard a couple of folks still have had problems with it (but that's NOT the majority by any means).

    I was thinking of the 36 Talas, but it looks really heavy, it still has the lack of full travel problems that Fox has had, and I don't think I really need 6 inches of travel just for a thru axel.

    So before I plop down some major dead presidents on a new front wheel and fork, I'd like to hear what you guys have had experience-wise.

    Let me know what yer experiences are. Thanks!

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    I do.

    I ride it. And abuse the heck out of it.

    And I'm in love with it. Saved my teeth numerous times.

    I'm 6'2", 200lbs. Ride a Giant Reign, custom built. The PIKE just rocks.
    And when you have long, strenuous climbs, the U-Turn shows its real value.
    Just turn it down to 110, lock it and climb.

    Also, the compression is awesome.

    Said this before - when I made my fork decision, money wasn't an issue. I'm soo happy I chose the Pike over the 36!

    I'd say go for it!
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