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Thread: Pedal help???

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    Pedal help???

    I'm 6'2 350 and I have been riding for about 3 months now and today while riding my pedal broke. It was the original pedal that came on my Felt seven60. It appears to be a hard plastic petal and I was wondering what a better option would be for someone my weight?

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    FWIW I've also been interested in replacement pedals (flat) and so you might find this thread interesting

    Flat Pedal Riders - Your Ideal Pedal?

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    For your weight category, I'd look at some good downhill platform pedals. Scimano Saint platforms are about $60 on amazon, and hard to beat. There are other platform's of comparable quality with lower price ($30, Welgo), but the quality of the pedal isn't as high. They should still work OK for strength though.

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    I'm 250 +/- only ride rigids ( looking at some hardtails) so they take a beating. Welgo B164 on main bike. nashbar verge on fat. free agent platforms on two others. all have held up well. the verge have been on three bikes. i like them the best
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    budget ? If you get Shimano Saints take the washers out from underneath the pins (more grip). deity compound is another popular pedal , budget friendly.

    If you have extra coin...
    DMR Vaults or Canfield Brothers Crampon Ultimate Pedals

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    6'6" 260-270ish.

    Bought some Shimano Saints at beginning of this summer and have done quite a few miles and vertical feet and they're holding up and performing great. They look good too. Very happy with purchase.


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    Those plastic pedals that come with the bike were never meant to be ridden beyond the parking lot. The posters have mentioned some good options. I personally have been beating a pair of saints for about 3 years now, still going strong.

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