Opinions on some wheels

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  • 02-04-2013
    Opinions on some wheels
    I weigh in at 260, ride an Airborne Goblin and I am looking to upgrade from the stock laserdisc wheels. I have been breaking spokes about once a month or so. I ride 4/5 times a week in the DFW area. Some rocky, rooty singletrack, with nothing too crazy. Wheels stay on the ground. I see a few of the guys from Airborne like the Sun Ringle Black Flags. I found them for about 300 locally, but was worried about durablity. I don't want to spend a bunch on wheels, as I can continue to fix spokes here and there. But if I can really upgrade the wheels for about that price I would do it. Any thoughts?
  • 02-04-2013
    Sounds like you have a case of poor quality spokes. that is one place that make bike companies skimp on to save money. That being said there are plenty of good wheels out there that will hold up well under bigger guys but you need to make sure that you are getting quality rims and spokes.

    As for the Black flags they are a great wheel if you are lighter (which both you an I are not, 260ish as well). I would look into the Sun chargers if you like Sun wheels, that are the stornger cousin of the Black Flags. also there are many other good options from other companies as well. Personally I'm a huge fan of the WTB i23's right now. they are pretty light and have proven plenty strong as well. I have been riding them for a little of a year now on my Nomad carbon. I do drops over 2-4' regularly and like going through rough stuff.

    main point, when you get your next wheel make sure it has name brand spoke by DS Swiss, Sapim, or Wheelsmith. I have used DT Swiss and Wheelsmith spoke with great sucess on many bikes. I have heard good things about Sapim but have just never used them.
  • 02-04-2013
    I weigh about the same as you. I ride on Hope Hoops Pro Evo 2 with Stans ZTR Flow. My opinion is they are bullet proof. Even leaving the ground at our size.
  • 02-04-2013
    I too use Hope Pro 2's laced to Flows. IMO it is the perfect set up for a clyde and with using the Hopes you get a damn good hub at price that wont break the bank.
  • 02-04-2013
    I weigh 275lbs and run Stan's Flow EX with zero issues.

    Also in the DFW area.
  • 02-04-2013
    I have run across wheels with truly crappy spokes that would pop (break) when I tried to true the wheels. It could also be poor build quality contributing to the situation. The cheapest way out would likely be to have a set of good quality spokes (and nipples) laced to your current hubs and rims.

    Hopefully you haven't torque'd or taco'd your rims and they are still straight and good to go. At your size regular, but good quality brands (as mentioned above)14/15 (2.0/1.8) butted spokes, and some good brass nipples should do the trick. After that, it's all about the quality of build.

    I would do that and see how far they get you.

    R.O.M. (rough order of magnitude): I would guess about $40+/- per wheel for labor. Parts will be $0.40 to $1.50 per spoke depending on the spoke you purchase and where you buy them. Brass nipples about $0.10 to $0.25 each.
  • 02-04-2013
    maybe out of the budget but i use hadley hubs with stans flow ex and have zero issues....
  • 02-05-2013
    Thanks for all the input.
  • 02-06-2013
    Bike Whisperer
    On the cheap end Jenson USA has WTB Laserdisc Trail TCS rims on XT hubs and DT champion spokes for $185. Stronger rim, better spokes, and better hubs than the stock Goblin wheels. Not light, but neither are you so durability would be the bigger concern and these should do well.
  • 02-07-2013
    I've got 2 years on a set of Sun Equalizers (I come in at about 235-240), and I'm about to pass them on to my daughter (just because I want new wheels, nothing wrong with these). My new wheels will be here soon, Nukeproof Generators; smokin' deal, and I'm debating going tubeless again. I HAVE busted out spoke holes on rear wheels three times, every one after about 2-1/2 years (one, though, was three years old when I got it!)
  • 02-08-2013
    I'm using DT Alpine spokes (since they where introduced) in all my wheels with quite narrow rims 22-24 and very rarely problems with my wheels (usually steering error to desaster...). But with general riding those spokes are hard to beat. 2.34 at the hub, 1.8 in the middle and 2.0 at the thread = Bombproof. Even with 32 spoke wheels on Mavic 519 rims.


    BTW, I had never ever a broken Alpine spoke in the last 22 years... 'nuff said!
  • 02-09-2013
    Opinions on some wheels
    I had sun ringle charger pros on my 29er. I liked the tubeless but I did not like the wheels. I had a lot of loose and bent spokes. I also felt a lot of lateral flex these were with a 9mm qr axle. I'm a tad more then you at 280lbs. I ended up trading them in.