Just wanted to drop a post to say hello - I didn't realize that there was a forum for us Clydesdales! This is awesome. I've been a member at MTBR for a long time, but never participated on the forums until now. Anyways, I've been riding for a good while now - used to race 24-hour stuff and downhill. I am pretty abusive on gear, so I know what works and what doesn't - at least for me. Hopefully I can provide some good advice and get some in return.

Oh - here are my specs:

6'5", 225. Pretty muscular, strong rider. Like beer. A lot.

My riding group usually has a cooler at the truck for post ride shenanigans, so we are definitely motivated to finish the ride! If anyone is in central Colorado or within driving distance, I'd love to meet some new big boy riders to join me on some rides! My riding style is simple - enjoy the ride, and make sure everyone else does too. Easier to keep riding buddies that way!

Bike info is in my profile. If there is anything I can do to help any other stallion rider - holla. I'd love to try to assist.